March 02, 2008

Master Bedroom Redo

It's done!! Hip, hip, hooray!! A lot of hard work went into redoing our bedroom and I'm so happy that it is finally completed:o) I never ever, never ever, want to have wallpaper in a room again because it is such a "bear" to remove. I tried to continue with the theme of saving money by using what I already had on hand and I am happy to say I was very successful. The only exception would be the "bed in the bag" bought at Penney's at their White Sale (love that;o) and the paint. It doesn't show up really well in these pics but the walls are painted a light brown and the colors that you see throughout the room are brown, gold, sage green, and burgundy. If you remember, I wanted a room that would be restful and peaceful and I think I accomplished my goal. I'm so glad Miss Bonnie convinced me to "step out of my box" because I really do love how it turned out!
I went "shopping" in my attic and found these two pictures that were in our other home over 18 years ago! My throw pillows were a perfect match, too.
The rocker to the left is the one I rocked my "babies" in. Doesn't get much better than that! I love a room of "memories." I have my reading basket (the one I used to put the favors in at the rehearsal dinner) right next to the rocker ~ it's filled with wonderful books and magazines just waiting to be read!
Here is a pic of my vanity. The little round mirror belonged to my Grammy.
After hanging the sheers I decided the windows needed a little something else. I took the euro shams that came in the "bed in a bag" and used them as window treatments instead!
In the next few days I'll have a few more pics of the bedroom, as well as the bathroom and hallway! Thanks for visiting & taking the tour with me :o)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan,
How pretty,

fireflynights said...

The room looks lovely and so does your new blog banner. We are in the process of not just a bedroom redecorating project, but a bedroom moving project. What we're currently using as a master bedroom was originally the LR of an in-law apartment. My OH is working on built-in shelves so that we can turn it into a den. Our sunroom will become the new MBR and what was once the BR of the apartment that we currently use as a dressing room will become a large closet room.

The bookcase project has been going on for the past several weekends and the rest is yet to be. Wish I had reached the same stage you have. Oh, we also have wallpaper in the bathrooms to take down and replace, but that's a project for another month (year?).

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Susan - Your new master bedroom is beautiful!! I love the way you were able to use so much of what you already had, and I especially like that you repurposed those shams! Great idea. The color scheme is quite elegant, too.

Pam said...

Hey Susan, Love the new Master Bedroom. It looks very soft and inviting, cozy and warm. I KNOW you are glad to be done - now you can enjoy your new space!! Love, Pam

Michelle said...

Susan~ You did a PHENOMENAL job - I just love everything! I love your pair of topiaries - very pretty! Very clever to use the shams as window treatments. I am enjoying your "decorating on a budget" posts :)


Randi Jo :) said...

It's really really pretty!!!! :)

SweetAnnee said...

Lovely..and that mirror is AWESOME
it's so fun to go shopping in your
OWN home and find treasures..
smiles, deena

Adrienne said...

Another room finished! Lucky you. You did a great job in this one, too. I love the way you used the shams on your windows. We are in the process of redoing our room and I bought extra shams - on clearance - to use at the windows. I haven't gotten there yet but I know what I'll do when I can. Thanks for sharing your bedroom with us. You've inspired me to get busy and keep making progress. ~Adrienne~

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Susan, our bedroom is so charming, welcoming and lovely. Just beautiful. By the way your banner and blog looks lovely too. Love Clarice

Kelli said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see the final pictures! All of your hard work has paid off, what a peaceful, relaxing and beautiful bedroom! I love the paint color, the bedspread and the two pictures are the perfect touch!
Good job!