February 21, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Susan P.
& I Am Fashion Challenged!

Yep, as much as I hate to admit it, it is true. It's really kind of strange because when it comes to picking out fabrics, colors, etc.. for my home I have no trouble at all, as a matter of fact I actually quite enjoy it. I love to wander the aisles of any home decor store and have all kind of ideas jumping around in my head as to what I could do with what I see. BUT, when it comes to shopping for clothes for myself I have absolutely no idea how to do it.

Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I am always either going up or down on the scale, up usually being the case. This alone can make clothes shopping a nightmare, then when you add in the fact that I really don't know how to put outfits together, etc... it can become a real problem in my everyday life. I literally feel like I'm going to break out in a cold sweat when I enter the clothing store and upon seeing all the racks upon racks of clothes it's enough to make my head spin. As a result, I usually just wear the same "old things" everyday until they wear out and then I have to summon up the courage to go and find something else.

I have come to a point that I am just really tired of feeling this way. I want to present a better image of myself to others, but more importantly, I want to feel better about myself. I realized that I can't wait until I hit that "magic" number on the scale to start work on looking better because in reality that might never happen. I need to start right NOW and work with what I've got (play up my good points) and try to look the best that I can no matter what my weight.

Now, all of that sounds like a good plan but there was just one problem. I didn't know how to go about starting. Where to begin? What style? What colors? What essentials? I had the determination but didn't have the skills. I was in unchattered waters and I needed a "captain" to steer the ship! lol I'm sure most of you are familiar with Mrs. Wilt's blog called the Sparrow's Nest. I rememberd her talking awhile back about something called MissusSmarty Pants so I went back into Mrs. Wilt's archives. After reading her testimonial I decided that MissusSmartyPants might be my answer. She could be my "personal shopper" and I wouldn't even have to leave home! So, I took the plunge and signed up this week. So far I really like what I see. I am voraciously reading everything she has to say and I love it that she gives pictures and examples of clothing (for my body type) that I can actually find in stores in my area or online. Now, I know I will never be a Heidi Klum or any of those other fashion models, I just want to be the best Susan P. I can be. I will keep y'all updated on how it's going ~ who knows, maybe I'll even be brave enough to post a before and after picture;o)


Adrienne said...

Susan - I have been feeling the same way lately. My weight is always an issue when I try to shop without a guide. I have thought of paying someone local to help but it's such a hassle to find them and it costs a lot more than this does. I plan to read more about this service and maybe - just maybe - I'll sign up and get started soon, too. You've inspired and encouraged me not to give up with the stuff that's in my closet. Please keep us updated as you make progress. It will be fun to see what you end up with. ~Adrienne~

fireflynights said...

Oddly enough, I had just finished writing about fashion from an opposite viewpoint when I read your post. I then added a paragraph to my post encouraging anyone wanting a fashion makeover to check out what you're doing.

You might want to visit Oprah.com and read about her recent Shlumpadinka makeovers. Her fashion consultant gives tips for 10 must-have wardrobe essentials and what to do with them.

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun creating your new image.

Mrs. C said...

I think it's wonderful that you're willing to step out of your comfort zone. There are certain styles that I like and certain ones my husband prefers for me. I try to combine the two. :)

jason said...
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SweetAnnee said...


what a great place..
can't wait to see your pics

and I watch
What Not to Wear

It sure helps ME!!
tis fun

Jodi said...

This sounds very interesting, Susan. Please keep us posted with your thoughts on the process.

Storybook Woods said...

Ohh I adore fashion, I wished I lived closer to you ;- You know a line I love that is hip, but not too hip. After all I am a fat 45 yrd. woman. Anyways it is the ANA line at JC Pennys. It is fun, casual, just hip enough and very figure flattering. Just make sure whatever you wear makes you feel beautiful. I do not care how many people tell you, you look great. You have to feel great too. xoxoxo Clarice

Jackie said...

I have started to go to a store that a friend is the manager of. I laugh when people say that I am dressing much better. I usually say "Gail picks out all my clothes." It really does help this fashion lacking person when someone else does the shopping for me.

Anonymous said...

For many years I worked at a clothing store,and I have to tell you I loved it when someone came to me and asked me to put together outfits for them.I knew the merchandise, I knew where the accessories were at, and it was a blast working with these ladies and helping them out.Most store clerks would love the chance to help you,don't hesitate to ask them.A place I love to go to is Coldwater Creek.I love their clothes and accessories, and they have wonderful sales.You are such a beautiful woman,inside and out,I wish you luck. Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...

I went through the same feelings last year, turning 44. I began watching "What Not to Wear" and I tivoed all the episodes. I learned so much, it was just like a home course in fashion and beauty! I now have a new hairstyle (for the first time in 25 years!) and I LOVE it and I have learned what kind of clothes best flatter my body. Give it a shot... you've got nothing to lose!
Good luck! Pam Richardson

Dorothy said...

First I want to say how much I love your blog. How blessed you are to have such a lovely home and a husband who lets you decorate. You take such lovely pictures. I used to love shopping for clothes. It was so easy and fun to find clothes that I felt great wearing. But the past few years with the changes in style, I really hate shopping. The skinny girls wear black pencil dresses which make them look thinner, and the heavy ones wear bright tight clothes that make them look bigger. They want to break all the old rules. Be sure to let us know how you make out with your new style!

LBP said...

I have been dealing with weight issues as well. sigh.

I'm not to good at stepping out of my comfort zone. And I always seem to pick clothes that are probably too "old" for me.

I do like the clothes at Coldwater Creek and while they can be pricey, they have really great sales.