November 01, 2007

The "Write" Stuff
Everybody needs a little spot that they can call their own, don't you think? Well, this is mine! Up until two years ago my little "spot" was at the edge of our dining room table! It worked out fine but I really wanted something that was more permament. Well, several years ago I was blessed with this little desk and it is just for ME:o) It is where I love to do my correspondence and other such paperwork. It also serves as a special place to keep some "treasures" that were given to me by my dear children. As I sit at the desk I can gaze upon the pictures and "treasures" and they just give me great joy because they remind me of my children. As you know I collect bears and all of the bears that you see on the desk were given to me by my sweet son. To the right I have a homespun candle that has the yummiest fragrance and to the left is a Precious Moments cup given to me by Miss Bonnie. It is not only pretty but it is also useful because that is where I keep my pens and pencils. It even has my name on it ~ thanks, Miss Bonnie:o)

As most of you know I am a huge fan of Jane Austen. I wanted to share with you my favorite stationery which is called The Jane Austen Missives. I just love the feel of the paper because it is nice and heavy, somewhat like I imagine it would be back in the day. On each letter there is a different quote from Miss Austen. I love that. If you notice on the packaging there are wax seals~ something else I love to use! So much fun!

Here is just one example ~ you need to enlarge to be able to read the quote. Her quotes always make me smile!

One of my favorite painters is Thomas Kinkade, who is known as the "painter of light." I'm sure most of you are familiar with his work. This address book was given to me as a gift and I just love the picture that he did. Doesn't it look like somewhere you would just love to live?

All this talk of letter writing has made me want to go and write one! I think I'm going to do just that! Is there someone you would like to write a letter to today:o)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Jane Austen too. What is your favourite of her books? My favourite quote is from one of her letters in 1811: "I will not say that your mulberry-trees are dead, but I am afraid they are not alive." Makes me chuckle everytime.

G.L.H. said...

You remind me to get out my fountain pen and letter-paper. Hmmm, whom should I write first?


picketfencemom said...

What treasures! I'm a big Jane Austen fan too! You've reminded me of the importance of hand-written correspondence...nothing (not even email) can replace its 'personal' touch. At one time, I was a very good letter writer and correspondent, but I admit that due to the busy-ness of my life, I've not done so well in this area in the last few years. I need to do better! I know of several elderly ladies who are dear to me who would enjoy a letter penned by hand. Hmmm...sounds like a plan!
BTW, in answer to your question about 'Passionate Housewives', I haven't read it yet, but I plan to. I've heard it's really good!
Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I just love smallmedows paper !!! Clarice

Kelli said...

Susan, your letter writing spot is so cozy and sweet! I love your Jane Austen papers too!
I have a few letters to write this weekend. :0)

Mrs. C said...

What an enjoyable spot! The Jane Austen stationary is just delightful! I received a card from someone special today, and it really made my day. :)

Mrs. C

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

What a cute desk! One of my favorite colors too.

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Dear Susan,
What a lovely desk...I'm glad you have an area to call all your own!

I love Thomas Kinkade, too. I have the book called "Home Is Where The Heart Is" by TK. It features lovely paintings and quotes about home. It was the inspiration for the name of my blog.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Kim

Sharon L said...

What a delightful work area! I have a spot that is just waiting for something like that. It makes it so much easier if all your supplies are in one place. And how nice to have some of your special treasures in view to make you smile!


Sharon L