October 08, 2007

Why I Love Where I Live!

Miss Bonnie just got back from spending the day in Washington D.C. She took the picture of the Washington Monument that you see above. After seeing that picture it got me to thinking about why I love living in the state I live. We reside in central Virginia and there are so many reasons why I love living here. Being centrally located we are a two hours drive from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and a two hours drive to Virginia Beach to the east. We are a short two hours drive from our nation's capital (a "must see" for everyone), and a one hour drive to Williamsburg and Jamestown, as well as living in close proximity to the birthplaces of several of our U.S. Presidents.

Virginia is not only rich in history but it is also a beautiful state that is ablaze with color in the fall, can be blanketed with snow in the winter, and is graced with vibrant blossoms in the spring. We won't mention the summers;o) We call it the three H's around here, HAZY, HOT, AND HUMID. Oh well, no state is perfect!!

There are so many states in our great nation that I haven't had the privilege of visiting.That's where you come in. I would love to hear about the state (or country) that you live in and what you love about it. We can all be "armchair" tourists that way!! Can't wait to hear from you ~ I'm curious as to how many states and countries will be represented.


Mrs. C said...

My hubby and I were just talking about Virginia yesterday-how it's actually a Southern state, but people commonly talk about it like it's a Northern state.

We would really like to visit your state someday as a family. There's so much of our nation's history to explore.

Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty telling you where I am from but if you like the change in seasons you wouldn't like living where I live but I LOVE it!!! San Diego....5 minutes from the ocean, 1 hour from mountains, 1 hour from the desert, 65 degrees in winter and 75 degrees in summer, no air conditioning and rarely need the heater, no bugs...it's wonderful!! But it is crowded on the freeways so I stay home a lot. Hubby and I walk on the beach often.


Storybook Woods said...

Well I would be thrilled if I only lived an hour from Williamsburg and Jamestown. Does that mean if one was visitng DC it would be about a 2 hour drive to Williamsburg and Jamestown ? Clarice

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My oldest sister lived in Centreville for many, many years while her husband worked in Washington, D.C. I loved visiting her there.

They retired to Tampa. :(

G.L.H. said...

We live in the state famous for that 500-mile race in May. It is rather flat in the northern half and hilly in the south.

The city where I live can boast many inventions: television, the gasoline pump, baking powder, among others. Johnny Appleseed is buried here, as well.

About the weather: we're one of those places where it is said, "if you don't like the weather, wait twenty minutes; it will change!"

Best thing? Low cost of living, and "provincial" values--our license plate says, In God We Trust.

Great post!--Barbara

LBP said...

Fellow Virginian here! I love VA too! However, this summers heat.... I love history and what better state to live in than VA. for that!



Michelle said...

The changing of the seasons in Michigan is beautiful! (Fall is probably my favorite season.) There are "color tours" that one can take that show off the fall beauty in MI.

But honestly, to REALLY appreciate the beauty in Michigan, you have to cross the Mackinaw Bridge to visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is very gorgeous there! Taking the ferry to Mackinaw Island is also a fun trip.(Remember the movie "Somewhere in Time"? It was filmed there.) They have the best fudge!

I could probably share many more MI places of interest - each part of the state has lots to offer - but I'll stop now!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I also think VA is a great state. My mom is from the Leesburg area. I have great memories of our day trips while visiting.

I live in central Indiana. I love that I am able to enjoy all four seasons. Beautiful warms Springs, hot Summers (great for swimming!) beautiful cool Falls, and many years snow for Christmas! As G.L.H.said if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes!

I can head downtown for a little history, head west to visit some old covered bridges, head north to our beautiful Amish countryside, head south to rolling hills or east to corn fields as far as the eye can see!

Many might find this boring, but I love living the simple life in the heart of America!

Mary Isabella said...

I am from the state of Kentucky. The seasons do change here however sometimes very slowly. It was in the upper 90's yesterday. The leaves are beginning to change colors beautiful. Please come visit me at Daisy Bouquet Mary

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy visiting your "Home". Thank you for sharing what you love about Virginia. I've never been but look forward to a trip to our nation's capital in a few years.

I live in a small town in Southeast Minnesota nestled between the Mississippi River and the bluffs that run along side it.

A change of season is just what you get sometimes experiencing more than one in a day! Last Saturday it was 80 degrees here and today it struggled to get to 60.

We experience slow starting springs and easily bound into summer with heat, humidity and mosquitos. Fall starts and stops and the changing leaves are pretty but not as dramatic as in the northern portion of the state. Winters come on strong and if its a good one we enjoy lots of snow if not we endure the cold hoping for snow or spring!

Susan in Minnesota

His Doorkeeper said...

Virginia is a beautiful state...we have visited many times. We live in the Ozark Mountains of North Arkansas. We live close to the Buffalo River and people from all over the world come here to fish and camp. We live on 11 acres and get to watch the deer every morning and evening and rarely see a car come by. However, the city is close and we get all the culture we want! Our trees are beginning to turn now and it will be a beautiful fall. Enjoy your blog!

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

Virginia is on my list of states I'd love to visit some day. :)

I'm in Texas and we love it here! It is so huge that of course it's looks different everywhere you go. In only a few hours I can be down on the Gulf Coast, or head east to the Piney Woods. We've gone south and west, we head north to Oklahoma and family.

We've only been here 12 years, but it's home to us now. :)

Candy said...

Hi MIV :)
Your Virginia sounds lovely. We will be visiting there one day because Robs brother and his family live in Richmond.

Well,as you know.. :) I am from and live in the great country tot he north of y'all....CANADA!!! :)
I do love it here.

Alot of people think if Canada as cold..but its not!! Only in winter and even then its the same as some of your states. Our sumemrs can be pretty hot!

I live in Alberta right now... it's comparable to Texas.

But orginally I am from the province of Newfoundland! (close by your state Maine)
Newfoundland is a province that you all would LOVE. Its comparable to the country Ireland. Newfoundland became more well known when alot of planes had to stop on our tiny island during 9-11. The people in Newfoundland are known as the friendliest and kindest in the WORLD!

We have many lovely provinces in Canada though. Quebec is our french speaking province and it is truly beautiful there too.

Canadians often wonder why more Americans dont visit here becuase its just so beautiful here. I think you would all be soooo pleasantly surprised :)

YDIC Candy

p.s... Another thing about Canada:
We love our neighbors to the south: USA!!!

Mimi said...

thank you for visiting my blog today.. I hope you visit again...
I stopped by to see you and I like your blog as well as the state you live in... it is beautiful, and you are fortunate to live so close to so many of our nations special places...
Have a great day tomorrow!!

nana said...

I am from nc, and actually the town the nc zoo is located. My daughter and myself enjoy your blog very much. You are such an inspiration. I have been trying to start a blog, but just have not been able to. However, my daughter, Crystal, who is a new mom(3 month old boy) has recently started her own...at memoirsofamanicmom.blogspot.com I'm sure she would love for you to visit her. Again, thanks for a beautiful blog.sherry

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

We live in Oregon, right near Portland. A day trip for us could be ocean, mountains, great agriculture, even high desert. I do love it here but sure would love to be a bit more rural. And have snow in the winter! Lots of rain here.

Tell Miss Bonnie her pic of the Washington Monument is stunning!

Sharon Kay said...

I have visited Virginia and it is a pretty state with so much to see and do. Here in Ohio we have the rolling hills in Southern Ohio and the flat lands in the North Ohio where I live. We are now felling the chill of fall have and I am enjoying the changing of the leaves. It is my first autum in Oho in nice years after moving back from Florida in the winter months. Have a wonderful day.........

Anonymous said...

ANother Indiana reader here! I'm in east central Indiana, the location of a university with a somewhat silly name and right in the heart of the area of gas booms and glass blowing. About an hour from Indianapolis, 2 hrs west of the Ohio line. And both the license plates on my vehicles say "In God we trust"! May it ever be so.

Susan said...

Greetings from the beautiful state of Washington! We have visitied Virginia and loved it, the hospitality, the ham, the scenery! :) We think we live in a fabulous place too. Minutes to Puget Sound, an hour or so to ski slopes on stunning mountains, less than an hour across the border to visit our neighbors to the north. We do have our drawbacks however. Weeks on end of very wet, gray days in the winter. Ahhhh... but the summers make up for it all!
Really enjoy your blog!

Peggy said...

Hi there! I think we must live close to one another. I live in Fredericksburg, actually Spotsylvania County. I consider this area to be just about perfect! Except for traffic and too many hot days. Thanks for your lovely site. Blessings and a happy weekend to you.