September 24, 2007

Harvest Table

One way that I love to usher in the autumn season is by dressing up my tables! It somehow makes the food taste even better and the atmosphere, oh so cozy! What's on the menu today? I think we shall have roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and hot buttered rolls. How does apple crisp for dessert sound? Of course we have to top it off with some vanilla bean ice cream! YUM Won't you join me, please?

Below you will find a poem by Edgar Guest that I absolutely love! I just love what it has to say and I wanted to share it with you. It is my prayer that I will always remember that it is the PEOPLE around the dinner table that matter the most, not the crystal and china. Sure, beautiful things are nice to have, but I would much rather have the wonderful blessing of family and friends gathered around me.

The Perfect Dinner Table
Edgar Guest

A tablecloth that's slightly soiled
Where greasy little hands have toiled;
The napkins kept in silver rings,
And only ordinary things
From which to eat, a simple fare,
And just the wife and kiddies there,
And while I serve, the clatter glad
Of little girl and little lad
Who have so very much to say
About the happenings of the day.

Four big round eyes that dance with glee,
Forever flashing joys at me,
Two little tongues that race and run
To tell of troubles and of fun;

The mother with a patient smile
Who knows that she must wait awhile
Before she'll get a chance to say
What she's discovered through the day.
She steps aside for girl and lad
Who have so much to tell their dad.

Our manners may not be the best;
Perhaps our elbows often rest
Upon the table, and at times
That very worst of dinner crimes,
That very shameful act and rude
Of speaking ere you've downed your food,
Too frequently, I fear, is done,
So fast the little voices run.
Yet why should table manners stay
Those tongues that have so much to say?

At many a table I have been
Where wealth and luxury were seen,
And I have dined in halls of pride
Where all the guests were dignified;
But when it comes to pleasure rare
The perfect dinner table's where
No stranger's face is ever known:
The dinner hour we spend alone,
When little girl and little lad
Run riot telling things to dad.

Don't y'all just love that?


LBP said...

Thank you for sharing that poem, I have printed it out to hang in my craft room.

Your tablescapes are always so lovely!

Michelle said...

So pretty, Susan! Thanks for sharing the photos, what our emphasis SHOULD be on, as well as the lovely poem. Your dinner menu sounds delicious, not to even mention dessert - YUMMY! Oh, if only I lived closer....:)

Storybook Woods said...

Lovely I am ready to come have dinner. I will bring dessert. Love Clarice

Kelli said...

What a wonderful poem, Susan! Your Autumn table is just beautiful, I can imagine how special and delicious your dinner will be! Yum!!

Karen said...

Ummmmm, can I come to your house for dinner????
It sounds delicious and your tablescape is beautiful. I liked the poem as well, and I hope that others find that in my home.

Jodi said...

Susan ~ I love that you gave us a dressy table and a casual table! Both so pretty. I love Edgar Guest's poetry; it always touches the heart! Thank you so much for sharing this one. :o)

Julieann said...

Your table is just beautiful, Susan--and I bet your meal was delicious!


Heather said...

Your table setting is just SO pretty!!!