June 18, 2007

Giving Thanks In The Little Things

Our air conditioner died several days ago. This happens to coincide with a major heat wave that is gripping our area ~temperatures hovering near the century mark, accompanied by very high humidity. Household chores that are usually done with ease become a most unpleasant task. Ovenless meals must be planned to keep the extra heat at bay, tempers even seem to rise along with the temperatures.

When the air conditioner repairman left this morning he left us with a cool house and very big smiles! As I started pondering over the last few days I couldn't help but feel ashamed. I realized that every day I just take it for granted that our home is going to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At mealtime I take it for granted that there will always be good wholesome foods for me and my family to gain nourishment from. I don't even appreciate my good health like I should until my back goes out or another ailment befalls me. This concept can even be applied to relationships. How many times have I taken my wonderful family for granted until I hear of some tragedy that has struck another one?

Looking back now, I realize that our broken air conditioner taught me a most important lesson. I never know when God is going to "speak to my heart" and this time he was almost "SHOUTING!!" First and foremost he has taught me the importance of a grateful heart, "in all things give thanks and praise." He has also taught me a wonderful lesson in humility~I was taking for granted and not appreciating all of my wonderful blessings.

As I type this the air conditioner is humming quietly in the background providing us with cool relief from the heat of the day. All the while I'm typing I can't help but smile when I think about how "neat" God is. I am constantly amazed at the "creative" ways in which he teaches me some very important life lessons! I never know exactly how he will do it but I do know that he always there for me, just like a parent, gently guiding and teaching me. Once again he was able to teach this child a most important lesson, and to think it was done by using a old broken down air conditioner!


Cathy said...

Dear Susan, as I have said before, you always find the good when something is wrong. I'm glad your air conditioner is working now. Going without electricity or AC does make us grateful for what we have. :-)

Mississippi Girl said...

Great insight, and what a great lesson for all of us!
I'm glad that it is fixed now, though!
Jennifer R.

Penless Thoughts said...

I, too, love how God speaks through "things" and "events" in our lives. I'm afraid we all get so complacent with the many blessings God bestows on us. Thanks for letting us share in your reminder.

Karen said...

Oh Susan,
I am sitting here smiling as I read your post this morning because we've all been there, too. When things don't go as usual, we start to gripe and complain, don't we. I especially love it when I am able to read how God has led us to new insights. Thank you for the reminder.

Storybook Woods said...

I think we all need reminders to be grateful. Thank goodness the Lord reminds us xoxoxox Clarice

Southern Heart said...

You are so right, and I'm glad that you shared this....we all need reminders now and then, don't we? I'm glad that you are back to comfy temps inside, too!

Becky said...

Thank you for this excellent reminder to notice and be thankful for even the "little" things.

It hit 91 here in Vermont today, and it is very humid. When we turn on our air conditioner before we go to bed tonight, I will remind myself to be very thankful for the coolness!

Lallee said...

Your post causes me to think of the blessings I have every day that I don't even notice.

Mrs. U said...

Amen!! We get so comfortable that we seldom to take time to notice such things. Sad, isn't it? But thank the Lord for allowing circumstances to draw our attention away from ourselves and onto the goodness of Himself!

Mrs. U