June 16, 2007

Father's Day, "A New Perspective"
Tomorrow all across our country countless Americans will be celebrating the long-standing tradition of Father's Day. A time to honor Dad ~ a day set aside to celebrate "fatherhood." Unfortunately, not everybody has been blessed to have a wonderful Father in their life. Some children have suffered abuse at the hands of their father, some have been neglected and unwanted, some will never even know who their Father is. I'm sure as this day approaches some people will be feeling immense sadness over what they feel they "missed" out on. As they watch the touching Hallmark commercials celebrating this day it only serves as a bitter reminder to them of what they never had and so dearly longed for.
But . . . there is GOOD NEWS!!
I am here to tell them that THEY DO have a Father who loves them!! A heavenly Father who knit them in their Mother's womb and who even knows how many hairs they have on their head! They have a heavenly Father who desperately and passionately loves them in a way that is so immense that it would be beyond their comprehension. They have a heavenly Father who can mend their broken hearts and make them whole again. They have a heavenly Father who can replace their unspeakable pain with unspeakable joy. They have a heavenly Father who is just waiting . . . . . waiting for them to come to Him! And miracles upon miracles, it is in the heavenly Father's arms that they will find that "Daddy" they have been looking for all their lives!


Storybook Woods said...

Wonderful post Susan, and yes thankfully the Lord can be the father we did not have. I hope today is a wonderful for you and your hubby. Clarice-who is off to cook for her hubby

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely post, Susan. Everyone can have the love of our Wonderful Heavenly Father.

Kelli said...

So true, Susan! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

Mrs. U said...

This is definitely THE best post on Father's Day I've read!! Thank you for sharing this!!

While I am very blessed with a godly father, I am SO glad that I have my Lord who is always with me.

Mrs. U

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Heavenly Father, indeed. Whose love is an everlasting love.
Resting in that tonight.
Thank you.

Lallee said...

So beautifully said, Sue!