May 27, 2007

All Creatures Great And Small
A "Backyard" Tale

There was a little birdie who fell out of his nest
Once down upon the ground he tried his very best. . . . .
To flap his wings and fly but he couldn't pass the test!

This sweet little birdie was as innocent as could be
He didn't know the dangers, he didn't know to flee.

He came upon a human who tried to figure what to do
The birdie thought him friendly so he hopped upon his shoe.

He wondered where his Mama was, oh how he missed her so.
He wanted so to see her he just didn't know how to go.

The human tried and tried to think of how to help
And so for his family, he hollered and he yelped.

So they put their heads together and devised a little plan
Could they teach this birdie how to fly, after all they were just mere man?

They would try to "scoop" the birdie up and hold him in the air

And gently toss him towards the sky but he didn't have the flair . . .

To flap his wings and fly, he just wasn't aware.
And now the human family was feeling much despair.

They came to the conclusion that if the birdie couldn't get off the ground
To his nest they would deliver him where he'd be safe and sound.

The birdie sensed their kindness and willingly obliged
He hopped upon the lid and settled in for the ride.

Up upon the ladder the human and birdie went
The birdie trusting all the way while they made the big ascent.

When finally he arrived to the door of his home
The chirping of the other birds let him know he wasn't alone.

He was accepted happily back into his little nest
And once he settled in he'd surely take a rest.

He'd been on a big adventure and come face to face with man
And saw first hand the love of God and how he'd had a plan.

You see, God knows even when the sparrow falls from the tree
So he put the human in his path so he'd help him don't you see?

God surely does love all creatures great and small
And that was why the human was there when the birdie took the fall!
Poem by: Susan P
The human in this "backyard" tale is Mr. P!


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a wonderful story on this Sabbath day. My husband loves birds and we have lots of bird feeders and bird houses. My husband has replaced a bird twice. Great that you got the pictures and congrats to whomever wrote the poem. GREAT job!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you for sharing this touching story. The pictures are great and the poem is wonderful. A good way to start this Sunday morning being reminded that He cares for all creatures no matter how big or small.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

How lovely that the bird was rescued!! Way to go Mr. P!!!

Mrs. C said...

What a wonderful poem, Susan! I'm glad Mr. P was able to help the poor little bird. :)

Jerri said...

Thank you for your post. Wonderful. Come visit me sometime on

Karen said...

Susan, you are very talented! That's a cute poem. Mr. P was very sweet to replace the poor little thing!

Rhoda said...

Aw, Susan, that was just precious. I've been gone & checking in & that is so sweet. I'm so glad ya'll helped out that little birdie & maybe he can fly another day.


Jodi said...

Susan ~ how clever you are!! :o)

I loved your poem, and I love the fact that Mr. P was able to save that little bird.

Most of all I love that. . .His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me!

Lovely post!

Christie Belle said...

Oh, you are a talented poet! And what a sweet story! This little bird was a lucky little bird to be rescued by your sweet husband:)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I so enjoyed your poem and photos about the little birdie!

Mrs. U said...

This is a WONDERFUL poem, Susan!! Seriously, I really think this would make a FABULOUS children's book!!!

Mrs. U

Heather said...

I loved the poem and story of your little bird!!

Mindy said...

Great story and a very talented writer too!! Good job Mr. P!!!!

Lallee said...

Awe.....I love a good ending ;-)
That was a sweet poem, Susan.

Becky said...

How wonderful that you were able to put the bird back into the nest!

I enjoyed your poem too--very clever!