March 23, 2007

Treasured Old Friends

Books, oh, how I love them! What are my very favorite books? Books from my childhood, of course! What fond memories I have of bedtime when my dear Mama would come to tuck me in and we would have special "story" time. Not only did I love the stories, I loved the time spent with her even more, I think. The books transported me to far away lands and magical places. With the flip of a page I could be a part of a magnificent adventure without every having to leave my room! My favorite books of all were the Raggedy Ann and Andy books. My Mama would read one chapter a night and oh, how I looked forward to the next one! I was sure that one day I would meet up with the "camel with the wrinkled knees!" I also loved poetry and my favorite poetry book was A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. As my Mama would read I would close my eyes and I could feel the wind through my hair as I was pumping along on my beautiful swing or I would play hide and seek with my shadow. The Swing and My Shadow were my favorites and to this day I can recite them word for word. As you can see by the picture my book (1929, it was my Mamas) has been very well loved. Books and the love for reading is a gift you can give a child that will literally last a lifetime! Not only do they give you a lifetime of wonderful memories, the books can also be some of your most treasured old friends!

I just love the sweet illustrations~


Karen said...

Oh Susan, your post has brought bacck so many memories! I have the same book -- it was given to me by my grandmother for my very first Christmas and still has the Christmas tag with her hand-written note to me. I loved "the swing" and can still recite it. I am going to dig out my book right now. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You have a lovely blog site -- I will stop by again.

A kindred spirit,

Karen said...

Susan what treasures you have! People are searching everywhere these days for "vintage" finds. I have been searching myself, as it gives the feeling of a simpler era.
Oh, thank you for your encouragement on the comments post. It was a questionable site that he posted from, and when I checked it out....well....suffice it to say, it was not something I wanted anyone to go to from my site. Such a shame that people want to ruin the sense of family we have here.

Jodi said...

So beautiful and nostalgic, Susan. I do love old books ... (okay - and new books and used books and library books and ...) ;o)

Christie Belle said...

I love books too, my parents used to read and read and read to us. Then my dad started making up this series of his own and telling them to us at night, called the Forbidden Forest, we loved them and have always thought he could publish them. You have beautiful memories of your love for your books. I really enjoyed reading this.

Kelli said...

Oh, such wonderful memories and books, Susan!! No matter how old my children get, I will always love reading children's stories!! Your pictures are so sweet!!

picketfencemom said...

I so agree with you about books being old friends! Some of my greatest treasures are the books I had when I was little. And I think the memories associated with the cozy hours of cuddling up with my parents, and being read to, are what make them so special as well!
And...I enjoy sharing them with my own children...making new memories!
The illustrations in your book are reminiscent of ones by Jessie Wilcox Smith! Lovely!
Thanks for sharing this post! I know we're definitely kindred spirits, because this is a topic that touches my heartstrings! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

Conni Lu said...

I like your new "Look" on your blog. What a neat book too!