March 12, 2007

Sweet Simplicity

I have found that most of the time it is the smallest things that bring me the greatest joy! Flowers picked from my backyard and placed inside my Grammy's vase puts a song in my heart~daffodils placed in an old milk bottle bring a big smile to my face! What can you find today that evokes that feeling in you? All you have to do it look around and see that there are so many sweet treasures that are just waiting to be discovered!


Kelli said...

Just lovely, Susan! Yellow and blue is my favorite color combination! I may have to pick up some daffodils for my blue pitcher!

Jodi said...

I love daffodils! Growing up in central Florida -- there were no bulbs! (Can you imagine?) I fell in love with the tulips when we lived in Maine. I've been a bulb junkie ever since - lol!

Mrs. U said...

My favorite flowers!!! They make me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to see them!!

Mrs. U

Candy said...