March 02, 2007

Pansies On My Porch
This post is dedicated to all my blog friends who have suffered such severe and harsh weather conditions recently. Just a little reminder to hang on, Spring is on it's way!
Pretty Pansy Poem
Pretty little maidens
Standing in a row
Looking toward the sunshine
Faces all aglow.
Decked in pretty colors
With their gloves of green
These lovely little ladies
Love to pose and preen.

Dancing in the garden
In the gentle wind
How it cheers the heart
To see them smile again.
Their time here is brief
Soon they’ll fade away
So enjoy them while you can
On this sweet Spring Day!
By: Teniveil


Anonymous said...

Your pansies are so pretty! Thanks for the "pick-me-up" and reminder that spring really is on its way! Right now I am watching it snow outside:)

Have a great day!
Michelle from MI

picketfencemom said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder!
Have a blessed weekend!

Helpmate said...

Thank you for the touch of spring. Pansies always have such vibrant colors. Also, thanks for speaking out against the book. How are things at home without Miss Bonnie around? Too quiet? Have a great weekend.

Candy said...

Wow, Im totally in the mood for Spring now seeing those pretty pansies! Seriously!

clarice said...

Ahhhh just what I needed to see. It keeps trying to snow. I am ready for some sun xoxox Clarice

Julieann said...

OHHH, yhey are soooooo pretty. It makes me want to go out and get some:)

Happy weekend!!


deezie said...

Oh those pansies are so beautiful!!! they are one of my favorites, we can't put any out for weeks yet we are in Ct. I love the poem too. I am going to teach it to my girls they will love it also. have a great weekend. love the flowers on your table and and the bunny from Cracker Barrel we are going for my daughters birthday next week

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan, just love the pretty pansies on your porch. I have been seeing them everywhere I go, but none were as lovely as yours.


Kelli said...

What a thoughtful post, Susan! Your pansies are really full...just beautiful!

deb said...

Susan, no wonder you are thinking "spring" with flowers like that growing! Are they actually in bloom like that from over the winter, or are they newly planted?

My pansies are shriveled into nothing - the weather is a bit harsher on this side of Va! We're not quite as close to springtime as you. But...I long to be!

Kelley said...

I just love pansies...they are so sweet and colorful!
Have a blessed weekend!

Dannielle said...

Love the poem! Pansies are one of my favorite flowers. It's still a bit early for them here. I can't wait!

Jennifer said...

Wow your pansies are beutiful!

I enjoyed reading your blog today and I especially found your post about "The Secret" beneficial.


LBP said...

I love the pansies on your porch! I looked for some this week-end, but couldn't find any. They are the first flower in my garden, because they are so hardy.