March 30, 2007

Kitchen Bunny
Today I set aside some time to make kitchen bunnies! We will be going out of town for Easter and I wanted to have a few little "goodies" to bring my hostess. This is a darling little bunny, functional as well as inexpensive!
Purchase a pretty dishtowel and two dishcloths (I got mine at the Dollar store)

Lay dishtowel print side down.
Fold in thirds lengthwise.
Fold in thirds again and then set aside.
Take one of the dishcloths and starting at one corner roll to the middle. Roll the opposite corner to meet it. This will be the ears.
Fold the top part of the dishtowel down about 1/3 of the way. Take the washcloth "ears" and laythem inside the fold.
Grab the ears and pull up tightly. Tie with a piece of ribbon as close to the dishtowel as you can. Make a bow.
Tie another bow under the bulge you made with the ears. This makes the head. Take the second dishcloth and roll it up just like you did the first. These will be the arms.
Slide the "arms" between the back and front of the dishtowel up to the "neck."
Tie a bow under the arms. This makes the waist.
See post below to finish making bunny.


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Lovely hostess gift!

Clare said...

Dear Susan,
Thank you for posting these photos on how to make this bunny. I thought it was a sweet idea!