March 30, 2007

Creating Bunny Napkins For Your Easter Table

I love this idea because I think it adds so much charm to an Easter table. I think it looks so sweet on top of my Spring dishes! Instructions can be found here.


Karen said...

Precious!!!!! I'm in awe of your talent, Susan. That is just the cutest thing. Your ideas are so inspiring.
How's your new little nephew?
Enjoy your day!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Thanks for the link!! I may try to do these for Easter dinner.

Rhoda said...

Susan, that's a cute way to fold a napkin for Easter! I really love your springy dishes cute!

Southern Hospitality

Rhoda said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by & mentioned the Southern Sisters books to me...I've heard all about these books, but never read them. I wrote down the author (Anne George), so I can remember to look her up next time I'm in the library. Her books sound like ones I'd enjoy very much...Southern genre & mysteries! I love a good mystery.

Southern Hospitality

Mommy said...

How Cute! I need to try that with my girls, they will go happy crazy when they see a "bunny" at the table!
By the way, I found your blog through Mrs. C's at Riverbend Ramblings. I will enjoy browsing through your blog.
God Bless!

Candy said...

So cute! Thanks for the idea!


Penless Thoughts said...

So cute, but 10 steps times 8 that's 80 steps. Guess I'm not up to that. I'm too busy scanning 60+ years of pictures!!!