February 06, 2007

Spreading The Love At Our "Home Place!"

Red carnations in my Mama's antique pitcher greet you at the door!

Come and warm up by our fireplace!


MrsA said...

Beautiful!! Your decorations are beautiful!!

I love your blog. I wandered over from Julieann's Daily life as a wife and mother.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan~

Very pretty!

~ Candy

p.s. I had a little angel like that one on my wedding cake!

clarice said...

Susan, just charming and welcoming !!1 Clarice

smilnsigh said...

So pretty!

And I'll bet that lovely candle has a pretty scent too. Both my husband and I are unable to have scented candles, in this cold, dry weather. And I soooo missss them. -sigh-

Please take a nice deep sniff of it for me, when you pass by. :-)


Karen said...

Oh, very pretty, Susan! I love how you've displayed your new finds. They look so nice in the various settings.
How are you doing today? I am praying for the adjustment to get easier. :-)

Mrs. U said...

Absolutely lovely!! You can make the simplest thing look SO beautiful!!!!!!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

You have a gift for making your home look very inviting!

Blessings to you!
Michelle from MI

Kentucky Gal said...

How sweet and pretty everything is...those brownies look delish and I'm sure your neighbors will love you for it!!

Kelli said...

Your little sign is so sweet and I love your hanging heart! Wonderful Valentine decorations!

Jodi said...

Susan - Is that a heart-shaped doily in the top picture? How beautiful! :o)