February 26, 2007

Signs of Spring!

Mr. P and I went to eat at Cracker Barrel over the weekend and somehow this darling little crackle finished bunny "hopped" right home with us!

Buds on my Narcissus are about to open up!

Our bird "hotel" is fast filling up with the Mama's nesting so they can get ready for their new
little babies!
And finally, I have my favorite nature book open to the Spring pages and I am itching to "dig" in the dirt!! That is a sure sign of Spring around here! Come on, Spring!!


Julieann said...

I love the Cracker Barrel--we don't have any in california:( Their gift shops are awesome. I love the green on your blog:)


clarice said...

Yeah spring !! I love the Edith Holden books too. Clarice

Tracey said...

Spring? Oh, I hope you're right and it shows up soon!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That bunny is cute! I like how he "hopped" home with you! :)

Naturegirl said...

WOWEE!!A NEW LOOK here!Very nice!
I have not been here in some time because I am spending so much time having fun at the beacH!I.m still away but posting and checking into my favorite blogs! hugs NG

Kelli said...

Hello Susan! I love the St. Patrick's day picture on your blog...so cute!

What a sweet little bunny! We went shopping tonight and a little Easter bunny hopped into my cart too! ;0)

I hope we get to see your flowers when they bloom, our tree is budding and will have new leaves any day now! I love spring!


Candy said...

Its all very nice :)

~ Candy

Karen said...

Susan, I love your new look!
That little bunny is too cute. I'm going to get my Easter things out this weekend.