February 28, 2007

A "Hat Tip" To My Honey!

This is my dear Mr. P! As I have said before I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to most things about the computer. Usually Miss Bonnie helps me with the technical stuff but since she is not here I enlisted the help of my wonderful husband. Anyway, I took this picture because he so graciously offered to help me change the blog for St. Patrick's Day and the look on his face kind of says it all! Y'all he truly does love me because how many times can a woman change her mind about what the cutest little leprechaun is and how many shamrocks should she use. We won't even go into how many thousands of shades of green a person can look through before she finds the perfect green back ground color! LOL Poor Mr. P, he is sooo very patient with me. Ah, now that's true love;)

BTW, the above picture was taken about the time when he said, "by the time you decide on your St. Patrick's Day blog it will be time to make the Spring one!" Ooops ;)


Jodi said...

Susan, Your Mr. P is very handsome, and your post cracked me up! There are a lot of shades of green aren't there - lol! Your March theme is lovely. :o)

Candy said...

That was too funny Susan!
Say HI to Mr. P for me :)


Karen said...

Oh my. I can't tell you how many shades of green we went through to get the right one for our den. LOL
Mr. P is a very handsome fella. You two are a very cute couple!
Yep, I can feel it, spring is just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

Great job Mr.P and Susan. I thought maybe Miss Bonnie had come to see you. Prayed for you Mr.P and your mother. Everything looks pretty, and I love your spring posts, Susan.


Kelli said...

Hehehe...too funny!! I'm the same way the background colors!

clarice said...

Ahhh what a man. You are a lucky woman. Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

What a guy!!!

Anonymous said...

Your husband reminds me of a dear, gentle teddy bear. Thanks for sharing; do you have more pictures?
This makes a blog interesting and feeling closer to someone.