February 15, 2007

Fingerprints, Spilled Milk, and Baby Kisses

My house has never been more clean OR quiet. Since Miss Bonnie left several weeks ago not only is the noise level considerably lower ( you know, the blaring stereo!) but my grocery bill is lower because I don't buy all those wonderful items like special cereals, drinks and snacks. I am also buying considerably smaller amounts of food because I am having to adjust my cooking to just the two of us. My electric bill is lower because there is no radio being played, no t.v. being watched, no stereo being listened to, and no blow dryer or electric curlers being used to try out all the newest hairstyles. Even my water bill is lower because young ladies LOVE to take showers and MANY of them;)
Miss Bonnie and I loved to chat . . . and chat . . . and chat some more! We would always clean together but amongst the cleaning were some mighty good conversations. Dancing to the beat of a popular song using as a partner the feather duster, laughing at each other's silly jokes, and just being plain goofy were common occurrences in our home. Somehow, amidst all the fun the house DID get clean;) Now, I can get my home cleaned in record time and it stays clean for a L O N G time. What used to be a mountain of laundry is now barely a hill. For those of you who don't know, young ladies love to change outfits many times a day!Now that I think of it, my gasoline bill is even lower. Miss Bonnie and I had fun "galavanting" around. We loved to go shopping together, catch an occasional movie, and we had a favorite Mexican restaurant that we would treat ourselves to. I haven't had a taco in several weeks, I miss them.
Life is constantly changing and along with the change we have to make adjustments. Change is never easy but it is inevitable. I remember when my children were toddlers. I would scrub the floor in the morning and at lunchtime they would reach over with their cute little chubby toddler hands and spill their milk. "Uh oh, Mommy, I sorry." Now, how can you be upset with that? What do you do? You get the mop out and clean the floor again. Or, the windows have just been all cleaned to a brilliant shine and little toddler hands come up after eating their peanut butter sandwich and leave beautiful peanut butter fingerprints all over the window. Somehow, looking back, Monet never created such beautiful works of art. Little boys that smelled like dirty earth worms after a long day of playing outside. As they reach up to hug you somehow you don't even mind the smell. Finding frogs, paper clips, and other special treasures as you emptied out their pants pockets. Little girls trying on Mommy's lipstick and somehow deciding it would also look pretty on Mommy's couch. Crayon marks on the table, tap shoe scuffs on the floor, refrigerator art, macaroni necklaces, sweet baby kisses. Ladies, time is so fleeting. These are the things that will be imprinted on your heart forever. Enjoy and savor each single, precious minute because I am here to tell you that in a blink of an eye you will be where I am and wishing so much that the stereo would be blaring, there would be a little dust in the corners, and yes, even spilled milk on the floor and peanut butter smudges on the windows:)


Bonnie said...

I love you, Mama.

Susan P. said...

To my commenter Rhonda in Oklahoma, thank you so much for your kind words this afternoon on this post. I am so sorry but somehow I deleted the post:( I'm so happy you came for a visit and it is so nice to meet another "empty nester!" God bless.

Susan P. said...

I love you too, Missy!! xoxo

Brenda@Coffeeteabooks&me said...

So that's what happened. I tried to comment earlier and I kept getting an error message. :)

Oh, how I feel your pain. I miss my daughter so much it hurts. I remember how it was when she left home, especially how much less LAUNDRY I had each week. :)

Also, how easy it was for her brother to find the bathroom free.

She's now a thousand miles away and she's been married almost eight years and I still miss her.

Hugs to you AND to Bonnie.

Mary said...

Our oldest is out of the nest and married. I miss the time all five children were under our roof. Don't think it will get any easier as the rest fly off. Trying to enjoy them while they are still home. Some days are crazy hectic, though.Thanks for the reminder to cherish the ~now~ of our days.

deb said...

I'll definitely not know what to do with myself when our remaining 3 are married and leave home! I'm not looking forward to it...although it will one day happen. I feel your emotions and longings. Praying for you, Susan.

Senkyoshi said...

I am starting to approach those day. My oldest son will leave for college this summer. We have joked about the water, electric, grocery bills, etc. but I know when the time comes I will miss him terribly. Thank you for the reminder to cherish "now."

deezie said...

Well that was a sweet post, I am sitting here crying. My girls are still young, 4 and 9 but I do know those days will be here before I know it. I treasure each day with them. Thank God I homeschool them that just gives me more time to enjoy Gods Precious gifts

thehomespunheart said...

I needed this reminder this week! I have felt like everytime I put something away it is gotten back out and when something is cleaned, it gets dirty again. But, there have been precious moments - thank you for challenging and reminding me to focus on and enjoy these times! :)

Karen said...

Susan, I can relate to this post as my older two are out on their own. It DOES get less expensive, but I sure miss those sweet days. Very precious and heartfelt post. I enjoyed this so much.

picketfencemom said...

Oh, this made me cry...and Bonnie's sweet comment...oh, that made me cry some more! This is so touching and such a wonderful reminder! My oldest (twins) are approaching age 16, and I know the next few years will fly by. I can't believe they aren't my little munchkins anymore, but beautiful young ladies. And I know their younger brothers and sister will pull the same thing on us!!! LOL As I've heard before ~THE DAYS ARE LONG, BUT THE YEARS ARE SHORT!~ Sometimes, when things are hectic around here, I need to rmemember that!
Thank you, dear Susan, for this timely post!
Have a wonderful weekend.

picketfencemom said...

Sorry, that should've been
'remember'.....Too fast on the 'publish' button. LOL

Mrs. C said...

Thank you for reminding me to enjoy my little ones, and all of the mess that comes with them! :)
I needed that today.
Blessings to you!

Mrs. U said...

Oh I am in tears!!!!! I've never been one to welcome changes. Why can't things always stay the same? I guess if they did, I would still be at my parents home and I would never have met Mr. U. Then we would never be expeciting Miss Elizabeth (next Sunday!!!).

When I read this post, I immediately thought of Elizabeth being all grown up one day (and she's not even here yet!!!!). I will pray for you and your family- that the Lord would be your peace and your constant in the midst of a world of change.

He is so good.

Mrs. U

Susan P. said...

Mrs. U., Praise God!! I am so excited for you and your family. Little Elizabeth is indeed a gift from above. I know you will treasure each and every second with her:)