January 25, 2007

Write It Down

This has been a very busy and exciting week for our family. My son just moved into his new home and Miss Bonnie started her full time job yesterday. As a Mom, I can't let these important events go by without some tangible way of recognizing them. How do I do it? I write it down! You have seen pictures before of my "Dress Me Up" plate where I will write down the date and any special events that are going on in our family. Everyday I like to have something special on the plate for my family to see. It could be a reminder that a family member needs prayer, someone needs an encouraging word for the day, a "good luck" on the big test, happy birthday, etc.. Now I am NOT TALKING about writing things like: don't forget to buy milk, or close the door when you leave. NO! I'm talking about faith filled encouragement. My family has come to expect something on that plate everyday and they would be most unhappy if it wasn't there. I keep it in a prominent place for all to see and to let them know I'm thinking of them and that our home is one where we honor the Lord. I wanted to show you two examples that I used just this week.

Our son hasn't lived in our home for two years, BUT, I know when he visits he will look at the plate and I want him to know he was thought of and prayed for!

This is what I did for Miss Bonnie's first day on her new job!

The best part of this whole idea?? You DO NOT have to have this plate. You can do the very same thing by using a chalkboard and some chalk or even a dry erase board. Also, make sure you use some pretty ribbon to tie a bow at the top! Y'all, we have to make it pretty!! LOL Figure out where in your house would be the best play to display this "sign of encouragement." Maybe it's your kitchen, your mudroom, or at the backdoor. Just make sure that your family will see it every day as they leave the house and come home. I think it is a wonderful way to show them that not only you are looking out for them, but more importantly, so his their heavenly Father. I can't think of a better "sign of encouragement" than that!

BTW, If you make one I would love to see it!


clarice said...

Susan This is a wonderful idea. I have never seen these plates. I will have to look around for them. Clarice

Mary said...

Susan that is the sweetest thing. I will have to take a picture of my little chalkboard stand. But...I don't write on it everyday. I should. Thanks for sharing their big days with us. How exciting for both of them.

Mrs. U said...

This is SO sweet and such a simple thing to do to show family that you LOVE them!!! And thank you for the idea to use other things. My first thought was "Hey! I know where she got that plate! My sister-in-law has the same one!!" and I was going to call my sister-in-law about getting one. LOL!! I think I just may find a cute little chalkboard instead. LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

Mrs. U (your tea towel twin!!! tee hee!!!)

Kelli said...

What a sweet and thoughtful idea! I will have to keep my eye open for a little chalkboard!

thehomespunheart said...

Great idea! I have a cute chalkboard in Emily's room and I try to leave her little notes in there or notes for company who come to visit...this is a great idea to extend this though!

Mrs. Monise said...

Glad your back! Have A Blessed & Safe Weekend.

Kelli said...

Susan, I picked up a little wooden chalkboard for my kitchen today! I'm going to paint it this weekend and start using it Monday!

Susan P. said...

Kelli, YAY, I can't wait to see it!

Elisabeth Ann said...

I just love this idea. I have 6 children and I know that they would love this tradition. Thanks for the idea. :)

Elisabeth Ann said...

Susan, Our family started a special plate. Here is the link to my blog. Thanks for the idea. We're having a lot of fun with it.