June 23, 2006

Friday Favorite - The "Dress Me Up"Plate

Every Friday I am going to "try" and post a favorite thing of mine. It could be a thing, a person, or even an idea. I have picked my first favorite thing because it has not only been a very practical item for me but it also allows me to decorate for the seasons as well as celebrate birthdays, holidays, even a nice way to welcome guests. It is called a "dress me up" plate. I got mine second hand so it didn't cost much at all. I love it because with each season I change the ribbon and it also serves a practical purpose because I can never seem remember the date! I have a patriotic theme right now (4th of July) but will change it after that. I am passing this idea along to you because it is something you could do in your home for very little cost. The plate and easel could easily be purchased at the dollar store. You need to get a plain plate, preferably light in color. You use the dry erase markers, they work perfectly and then when you are ready to change you wipe the writing right off! I would suggest buying ribbon and making a bow for the top and attaching it to the top of the plate. I hope this idea will inspire you. It would make a fun little afternoon project! You will never have to wonder what the date is again!

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Mrs. Linebarger said...

Cute idea!!!