January 15, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

This is a little winter vignette that graces that top of our piano. It contains three of my favorite things: baskets, candles, and bears! The candle was given to me by my almost daughter-in-love who knows I adore candles! The scent is Jack Frost which is a wonderful "minty" smell! I wish y'all could smell it, Mmmm! The basket was given to me by my dear friend D who I have talked about before, and Miss Bonnie got me the snow bear! Whenever I walk by the piano I get a little smile on my face because not only do I love these things, they remind me of the people that I love!


Mrs. C said...

I'm burning "Buttercream" right now--mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cute little display, eh.

Candy from Canada~

Sharon Kay said...

How wonderful to have your favorite things together and then to remember who gave you your favorite things... A gift from a friend is a gift from God.

Nicholas Cardot said...

All the candles that my wife and I are currently burning are unsencored.