January 15, 2007

I spent my time this morning in a hospital waiting room. Mr. P. was having some medical tests done and I wanted to be there with him. As I was waiting for him I started looking around the waiting room. Now, I'm not talking about just "looking," what I'm talking about it really "seeing." I think there is a big difference. What I saw convicted me and put a new sense of appreciation in my heart.

I appreciate my eyes in which I can see God's beauty surrounding me as well as the faces of those I love.

I appreciate my ears in which I can hear beautiful music and the words "I love you."

I appreciate my healthy heart which beats inside my chest and gives me life.

I appreciate my two hands in which I can use to help others.

I appreciate my voice in which I can speak kindnesses and truth.

I appreciate my brain so that I can think and function in this world.

I appreciate my arms in which I can hold the ones I love and embrace those who need embracing.

I appreciate my feet because they can take me places where I am needed.

God has blessed me greatly with the gift of health. It is entirely up to me whether or not I choose to use this gift to his glory or not. I can make a difference in the lives of others if I choose to. It's all up to me. I know what I choose to do, what about you?
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thehomespunheart said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder! I definitely choose to be appreciative and thankful and to use what God has give me to the best of my ability for His glory!

clarice said...

thank you for thwe reminder to be thankful. In life it is soo easy to forget. Clarice

Constantly Abiding said...

Thank you for the wonderful post. God has been so good to us all and it is so easy to forget about all the things we have to be thankful for!

Jodi said...

Susan -

What a wonderful post. We are so blessed that we often fail to see what we have. Whenever I have those moments of feeling "cramped" or "not quite satisfied" in my home -- the one with clean running water, flushing toilets (more than one!), air conditioning and heating, soft sofas, clean floors, etc., etc. -- I think of the masses that live without these things and I "see" again how blessed I truly am. Thank you for the reminder to not take our good health for granted and to really think of all the blessings that are a by-product of our health. Great post! :o)