December 05, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

Our tree is filled with memories from the past. There are ornaments on there from my childhood and every year since my children were born they each received a special ornament from us. When my son left home two years ago he had a wonderful collection to put on his tree in his own home! The snowflakes were done by my dear elderly friend I have spoken of before and several ornaments on there are from my Grammy. I don't have any particular theme or style of Christmas tree because I just put on there what I love. If I had to call it anything I guess I would call it my "Tree of Memories," because that is exactly what it is :0)

A close up view of front.

Every year my children would take turns putting the angel up and now it is left to Miss Bonnie alone. Notice I have ribbon on the top and down the side, that doesn't surprise you, does it??!! LOL

Thank you so much for visiting with me in my home these past several days. You were a joy to have!


Mary said...

Hello Susan,

Your home looks just beautiful and so welcoming. I enjoyed seeing your tree and reading about your ornaments collected thru the years. Those things make a tree so special. Ours is like that also. Our tree has sort of a feminine look because of me and DD. I will be posting pics on my blog soon. I love those crocheted ornaments. Thank you for sharing your home.

Kelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us, Susan! You Christmas tree is gorgeous and I love the name of it!

deb said...

Your tree is beautiful, Susan. I've thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your home--thanks for giving us a tour.

Mrs. C said...

I've enjoyed the tour so much! Just wish you lived closer so that we could visit each other's homes in person.

Mrs. C