November 02, 2006

A Light In My Window
One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is to drive around my neighborhood at night so I can admire all the beautiful lights. The glow from light makes me feel all warm and happy inside. I try to imagine what the families are doing inside these homes. Some gathered round the dinner table enjoying a meal together, children playing happily, stories being read at bedtime, life being celebrated and enjoyed.

The light from a lighthouse serves as a beacon to ships who need to find their way home. What better way to say "welcome, this is home" "we have missed you" "you are loved" to others than putting that single light in your window? This is not only something that can be done during the Christmas season, I like to do this year round. Something that is so very simple and easy to do, yet so very meaningful, as well.

The light could be a beacon for a wayward child who has left your home but not your heart. "No matter where your travels might take you, you will always have a home here." "We will never give up hope, we will always love you."

The light could be a symbol of waiting for a loved one far from home. "We are waiting for your safe return." "We miss you." "We love you" "Hurry home!"

The light could represent a sign to people who are weary. "This is a place of comfort and rest. "It is here that you will find peace."

The light can be a signal of friendship. "Welcome dear friend" "We cherish you." "It is here that you will find fellowship." "Let us break bread together."

But, most importantly, that light can represent to all that you know who is the light of the world. And without a doubt that is the brightest light of all! Do you have a light in your window?


smilnsigh said...

"Do you have a light in your window?"

Yes I do. In one of our front windows. Ever since 9/11.

It's in memory of all who went to work that beautiful morning... and never returned to their own homes.

And in memory of all who have died and been injured, before and since and for as long as it takes... to insure our Freedom and the continuity of Civilizaton.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful post and idea!! I will look for a light in the Christmas section this weekend.

Susan P. said...

smilnsigh, thank you so much for sharing the poignant meaning behind the candle in your window. What a touching tribute and statement it makes to all.

Kelli, I'm glad you liked the idea!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Yes, I have a light in our window..... I just love the look of candlelight (even when electric like ours!).... it says "welcome" to me.
I too always imagine what the families are enjoying inside their homes when I see their lights shining. It's one of my favorite things!