November 03, 2006

The Gift Of A Girlfriend
What would I do without D? She came into my life almost twenty years ago and she was literally the answer to a prayer. I was a young stay at home Mom with two children. It was the start of a new trend in our country, young Moms entering the work force in droves. On my street I was the only Mom who was left. I have to admit that many times it got to be very lonely. I loved being home with my children but I also desired a kinship with another young woman like myself. I prayed and prayed about it and the next thing I knew D entered my life! As soon as I met her I knew that God had brought us together.

D and I have the best talks. Guess where? On the road! We decided a long time ago that we both wanted to be healthy. As a result for almost twenty years now we have a date to walk! We take our regular two mile jaunt several times a week and I tell you it is the best therapy we could ever have! We have become each others shoulders to cry on, hearts to rejoice with, burdens to bear, and Dear Abbys extroirdinairre!! The best part about it is that the therapy is FREE! We can solve all the world's problems in those two short miles and even come home with a great new recipe:)

D is my friend who I talked about in a previous post. She is my shopping buddy AND my fashion consultant! LOL I cringe at the thought of going in a clothing store and she starts jumping up and down when she see's Macy's! She has already informed me that she is taking me dress shopping for my son's wedding and we are going to find the perfect "mother of the bride" dress. I say, "okay." Just seeing all those racks of dresses makes my head start spinning and she knows it. I will gladly surrender myself over to her because she has impeccable taste and my best interests at heart. She is a true friend.

On the flip side, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to home decorating stores. I start feeling all "giddy" looking at all the wonderful linens and other wonderful accessories. D is thinking, "Calgon, take my away!" I know every inch of D's house and most of it I have helped decorate. We have an unspoken pact: D dresses me and I decorate her home for her! Works for us!!

After Mr. P., D is the first person I call when I have news to share. The good and bad, she knows most all of it. We have seen each other through deaths of loved ones, illnesses, surgeries, and times of crises. We have also rejoiced with each other over graduations, engagements, and marriages. We have shed many tears together as well as sung many praises!

Another wonderful thing: our sons are best friends as well! They grew up together and my son was in her son's wedding and now her son will be in mine! Our lives are so interconnected, we are bound by history. We are both awaiting with anticipation the day that we will become Nana's!

Both D and I love to eat! We will go to the Cheesecake Factory and split a big piece of cheesecake (with whipped cream of course!) We have somehow convinced ourselves that if we split the cheesecake we really aren't getting that many calories! We always have the excuse, "well, we'll walk it off tomorrow!" And oh, how we love to laugh! I'm talking about the "tears streaming down your face" kind of laughing! What a wonderful feeling to have a friend that you can laugh with. It's the best!

It is not unusual to find a note of encouragement or an "I'm thinking of you" card in my mailbox from D. She is just that way. When she has a friend she wants them to know how much she cares. She has an uncanny knack of just knowing when one of those cards is really needed. Many a casserole has passed through our doorways throughout the years. A friend just knows when you aren't up for cooking. Many prayers have been lifted up for each other as well as our families. We both share a strong faith and belief and it is so wonderful to share that with each other. I have no doubt in my mind that D will be my lifelong friend. She is one of the greatest blessings in my life and was truly an answer to my prayer.


clarice said...

You are blessed to have sucha girlfriend. Espically to hold on to one so long !!! Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

What a blessing D is in your life, and I am sure you bless her equally. What a treasured friendship you enjoy.

deb said...

Sounds like a special friend of mine--although we have to be long-distance friends. You are blessed you have a kindred spirit close by.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!!! True, lifelong friends are so very rare. What a blessing that yours is living right down the street!!!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

I loved reading about your special friend!! How wonderful to share so many memories and fun times together!

Susan P. said...

Ladies, I feel truly blessed to have D for my friend. It is my prayer that each lady out there will have that special gift of friendship with a kindred spirit, too.

Heart to Heart said...

What a winderful blessing. I am that stay at home mom and I have friends, but I would love to have a friend like that. It does seem though women just don't make time to invest in friendships as they used to. I am guilty of this as well. Although, when I get a new friend I am so thrilled I try my hardest to make sure we are connected but things just come in our lives like soccer, and church activities that cause distractions to really build a sound relationships. I have never thought about taking this to God. Even though I know A LOT of stay at home moms I just haven't found that Kindered Spirit friend. I am old fashioned and simple. I love being a homemaker and Mom. There a lot of moms who even they stay at home don't like being at home. That is hard for me to connect to them and them to me. I am so glad blessed you with D. I am going to start praying for that friend.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a blessing your friendship with one another is! :)

Susan P. said...

Chrissy, the feelings you expressed were exactly what I was feeling all those years ago. Keep praying on it and I am sure that the Lord will bless you with that special friend, too.

Becca, yes it is:)