November 10, 2006

Friday Favorite
Grandfather Clock

Mr. P and I both share a love of clocks. We decided we wanted to buy a grandfather clock that would become an heirloom and could be passed down to our children. One of my favorite things about this clock is that you can purchase brass rings to put on the weights. On the brass rings we will have important dates and occasions in our family such as births and weddings. So, although this isn't an antique now, one day it will be and I hope will be treasured by future family members.


Copper's Wife said...

Susan! You were right! Oh, my goodness, it looks to me like our Grandfather clocks are indeed the same. The only difference I can see (Dani checked, too) is that your pendulum is different. Oh, I do love sharing similar tastes with you!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I have always loved grandfather clocks. I had a neighbor that had one and I always enjoyed listening to it chime. Last year for Christmas my dear grandma gave me some money. She is very dear to me and it is probably the last time she will be able to afford to give her grandchildren presents so I wanted to buy something really special with it. I finally figured out what to get with it in August (8 months later). It looks like a grandfather clock but without the chimes. I love it just as well. I call it my "grandmother" clock.

Kelli said...

I love Grandfather clocks too. The dated brass rings is such a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

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