September 13, 2006

Wednesday Welcome
Guest Room

Although this is our official "guest" room I also refer to it as my "roomful of memories." This room holds things that were either owned or made by my Great-Grandmother, Grammy, Father-in-law, and Mama. The color of the walls are done in a beautiful camel brown and the main color in the room is a lovely shade of sage green. It is a very "peaceful" room. As you can see we only have the twin bed so it can't accommodate but one guest at a time! However, we try and make sure that the guest has a most pleasant, comfortable, and memorable stay with us!

You can't tell by looking but next to the tea set is a silver plated candle that says "Welcome Guest" and it has the most heavenly aroma when lit.

I used that rocker to rock my "babies."
End table that belonged to Grammy, inspirational book below was given to me by my son one Mother's Day!
Mr. P.'s Dad made this bench before he passed away. On the back of the bench is a child's quilt done by my great grandmother. Above the bench is a memorabilia box my Mom made for my Grandparents 60 wedding anniversary. It has many, many wonderful treasured memories inside!
The bed belonged to Grammy and the cross stitched footstool was a gift from my grandparents friend for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow I will posting about some things that I have in the guest room to try and make our guests feel more "at home!"


Tammy said...

(((Susan))) I would love to stay in your guest pretty!! Looks like you are a reader too...I would love to browse your bookshelf then rest on that beautiful cozy!!

Denial Renae said...

Beautiful Room!

Mary said...

Pretty room Susan, I will be watching for your post tomorrow to read about all the special things you have to make your guests feel at home.

clarice said...

Susan what a wonderful room. I am sure your guest feel very special. Clarice

Mrs. C said...

You do such a nice job making your home very comfortable! You are able to display many treasured items without having it appear cluttered. That is a real talent!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful guest room. So pretty and peaceful. You have done a wonderful job decorating it with special things. Oh, I spotted your sunbonnet sue quilt right away. I have a soft spot for sunbonnet sues. :0)
I can't wait to hear about your tips on making a guest feel special since I'm expecting some this weekend. :0)

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Susan, What a lovely room! It looks like it belongs in a bed and breakfast.

Amy said...

It's so special that you have so many items with lovely memories and history!

Copper's Wife said...

What a lovely, peaceful, welcoming room. I'm looking forward to hearnig more tomorrow!

Deb said...

What a lovely room full of memories...any guest would feel pampered!

Susan P. said...

Ladies, I wish I could invite each one of you over!!

nancyr said...

I just discovered your blog. It's lovely.
I love your guest room, and I have the same tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, etc. stashed away and not being used. I will get it out and use it! Thanks for the inspiration.