September 20, 2006

Something To Ponder
Let Us Rejoice In Our Gifts!
Part 2


magsmommy said...


Your sign is beautiful. I don't think I could make one as pretty as yours. I tend to be artistically challenged. Anyway, you should be very proud.


Mary said...

Oh Susan, I love your sign! Love the color and the willow tree. You did a beautiful job! Where is it going to hang on your porch?

I agree with magsmommy; you should be very proud!

Kelli said...

You did a wonderful job!!! It will look beautiful on your porch!

Lady Laurie said...

Your sign is wonderful ~ and I love the name! I really enjoyed reading your post.

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Love your sign, Susan!

Copper's Wife said...

Despite your post, I think the sign is great!!! Very pretty and, as you said, just what you wanted. Your post was "right on" in a lot of respects, though. I said "ouch" more than once reading it. Good reminders. Thanks.