September 19, 2006

"To Do"
"Ta Da"
Home Blessings Basket
Do you know somebody who is moving into a new home? A wonderful way to say welcome is by putting together a "home blessings basket." The basket will hold different products that each have their own symbolism of good wishes for the new home owners! You will need the following items to put in your basket: bag of rice, load of bread (preferably homemade!) salt, sugar, candle, and sparkling grape juice. Other items can certainly be added if you would like. I added a pretty tea towel to this basket.

Included in the basket you will put a card that contains the symbols and their blessings. Try to be as creative as you can when making the card, remember every little detail counts and your recipient will be most appreciative!

Rice: That there may always be food in your house.
Bread: That there may always be family and friends to share it with.
Salt: That there always be a little spice in your lives.
Sugar: That sweetness touch even the worst of your days.
Candles: That you may always find your way back home.
Sparkling Juice: That there may always be reason to celebrate!

Who do you know that is moving into a new home?


clarice said...

What a wonderful giving idea. I love it. Clarice

Jessica Harvey said...

Oh this is great....hmmm... who do I know that's moving?

Copper's Wife said...

Cute idea!

Kelli said...

Oh, I like this idea!! I don't know anyone who is moving but when do, I'm going to put together a lovely basket like this! Thank you for the idea Susan!