August 17, 2006

Wednesday Welcome

The top picture is actually a little "alcove" right off my kitchen between the powder room and laundry room. The colors are mint and lavender because that is the color sceme of the powder room that is next to it. The cabinet was made by my late Father-in-law. I use it to display seasonal items. It also keeps my recipe boxes. The copper molds above the doorway are from Grammy. Mr. P made the shelf above the doorways that you see in the two pictures. I wanted something that I could display my seasonal baskets on and we have such a "teeny, tiny" kitchen we thought it would be best to get them "up" and "out of the way!" You can also see two pottery pieces I have collected.


Mrs. C said...

Love the window treatment!

Mrs. C

Cindi said...

This is so weird. I have that exact same potholder, with the exact same fabric pattern, made in the exact same pattern in RED. I bought it in Lancaster, PA at the farmers market.

Susan P. said...

Mrs. C., thanks, when I decided on the yellow and blue combo that is the first thing I purchased! It had my "name" all over it!!

Cindi, you will never believe this, but guess where I got that potholder??? In Lancaster, PA at the Farmer's Market!! I'm not kidding . . . our family went there about eight years ago:) Small world!!

Kelli said...

Oh, what a pretty kitchen! Blue and white is my favorite color combination!