August 10, 2006

An Update
Just a reminder that the deadline for the Fall Giveaway will be tomorrow, Friday August 11! For more info you can scroll down to see about the rules. The winner will receive an Autumn Wreath wax melt as well as a small autumn wreath that I have made and the runner-up will receive a small autumn wreath also made by me. I will announce the winners tomorrow evening!

Letter-writing update: I was so very happy from the response I received about the letter-writing. It looks to be about ten of us that will participate. If you commented about wanting to participate could you please email me at with the following info:
Your name, your address, your birthdate (notice I didn't say year! LOL)
and also your blog name. If there is anything else you would like the group to know you may add that as well. Please put the title Letter Writing in your email to me so I don't think it's "junk" and delete it. Ooops, I've been known to do that! I would like to have have the info by the middle of next week so that I can send it out to everyone by the following weekend. Remember, there are no rules, write to whomever and whenever you choose. We all are just ladies who are interested in sharing our love for the lost art of letter writing. Let the writing begin!!!

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Kelli said...

I just sent you an email. :0)