July 12, 2006

"Wednesday Welcome"
Our Dining Room
One of my favorite things that people do on their blogs is give you a tour of their home. So, I thought it would be nice if I shared my home with you! Every Wednesday I will give you a tour of a room in my home. Our tour will begin in the dining room because if you were a guest in my home I would surely want you to have dinner with me and my family. Hmm, what shall we have? I know, Chicken Divan!! It is a family favorite and one I quite often serve to guests. I will post the recipe at the end of the tour!
My dining room is painted a soft sand color and I have it accented with cranberry. I love to have my ficus tree lit year round just because I love the "look" and I miss the lights of a Christmas tree!

This is the view of my dining room when you enter my front door. The dining room is on the left. As you can see I have a "fruit motif" going on. The hutch in the center of the wall is actually a dry sink from my Grammy. It is an antique. I love how the room looks when we are eating dinner and the lights on the tree and the dry sink are lit, it is very cozy!

I added the little cranberry lampshades to the chandelier to give the room a softer glow. The shades were only one dollar each and I think they really make a difference!


Mrs. C said...

What an inviting room! Thank you for sharing your home.

Mrs. C

Mindy said...

How charming!! Your dining room is so warm and cozy! Thank you for giving us a tour of your home! Blessings to you and yours...

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Susan, I just love your dining room. I like the fact that you've used things in the room that belonged to your dear Grammy...I'm sure you think of her every time you look at these items.

Deb said...

Your dining room is beautiful. I love the lights in the ficus tree; if my ficus hadn't died recently I would love to try that. I can see I have missed so much while I was away! And I missed the giveaway~oh darn!

clarice said...

Ohh I am quite jealous. I want a formal dinning room. I love yours. I love your side bard. The touch of burgundy is just lovely. I really do love it. Clarice

Susan P. said...

Ladies, oh how I wish I could have you all over for tea! What a time we would have!!