July 19, 2006

Quick Update
I just wanted to "touch base" with all my friends and say hello! I have missed you! I am continuing to have a wonderful visit with my precious niece. We have had many wonderful "adventures" and I know she will leave with many wonderful memories to take home with her (As I will have many that I have tucked in my heart!) She will be leaving Saturday but I wanted to get my Wednesday Welcome up. I chose my laundry room because it is indeed the smallest room in my house with the fewest amount of pictures to take! I am also posting a playdough recipe that we have used numerous times this week. Those of you with young children should really try it, it is SO much fun! I will post my Friday Favorite as well and then I will get back to regular posting on Monday! I will come by and visit you then as well!
Blessings to all,


Larry Rockwell said...

I just happened upon your Blog as we are blogging now. We are missionaries in the Andes Peru working among the Quechua people. We always are looking for ideas for children. Thank you for the Playdough recipe. I have passed it on to my wife. We have two girls ages 12 and 8. Also a Quechua boy who we are hoping to adopt. He was abandoned near a rive here near where we live.
Blessings in Christ,
Larry and Sandra Rockwell

Mrs. Linebarger said...

It was so good to have a post from you!! I've been checking every day, just in case ;-)

Susan P. said...

Dear Larry, I am so glad that you happened upon my blog. I would really love to send you either several made up batches of playdough or the ingredients if the children would like to make it themselves. I would also like to send cookie cutters because they would certainly enjoy using them. My email address is chicklet1958@hotmail.com. If you could send me your address I would like to get it out in the mail on Monday. May God Bless you and your precious family as well as the Quechuan people.

Mrs. Linebarger, I have missed you too! I can't wait to get over to "your place" and see what you have been up to!

clarice said...

I am so happy to hear you are having fun. Kepp playing and enjoy your time. Clarice

Mississippi Girl said...

Glad to hear you are having fun!!