July 01, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow?
This time of year a lot of us spend time "tending" to our gardens. Did you know that we have an "internal" garden as well? I know I do! Many times I need weeding, sometimes I need pruning, and sometimes I even need some good old TLC. If we don't "tend" to our gardens they can start to show the signs of neglect and won't bear good fruit. Ask yourself today, "How does My garden grow?"

Instant Garden of Success

Plant 5 Rows of Peas
Prayer, Perserverance, Patience, Positiveness, and Planning.

Include 3 Rows of Squash
Squash Negativity, Squash Envy, Squash Gossip.

Add 5 Rows of Lettuce
Let us be Prayerful, Let us be Thankful, Let us be Kind,Let us be Caring, and Let us be Loving.

No Garden is Complete without Turnips
Turn Up with a Smile, Turn Up with a Helping Hand, Turn Up with a Positive Attitude, Turn Up with Determination and Turn Up with Success!

May Your Garden Flourish!

Author is unknown. Beautiful graphics fromLesa's Garden


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Susan, that is a lovely little poem...thanks for sharing it with us!

Susan P. said...

Kim, I'm glad you like the poem!