June 30, 2006

Friday's Favorite
I loovve Crabtree and Evelyn products. I am especially fond of their lavender scent! When I take a bubble bath I like to burn their lavender votive. I also love to put on their lavender hand cream before going to bed because the lavender seems to have soothing, relaxing properties. If you looked in my "pretties" drawer (I will post about this next week!) you would find lavender drawer liner as well. I love how the delicate scent wafts up to greet me when I open the drawer. It is like my own private little secret! By the way, I promise I am NOT a spokesperson for Crabtree and Evelyn (LOL) I'm just sharing something with you that I love!
Do you have a favorite scent? If not, you should find one!


Marie said...

I love lavendar myself, I'm probably dating myself here, but I remember falling in love with the scent during the 60's when all things English (Yardley included) were the rage!! Of course, I was very young then. No, really!! Just a young child! Anyway, our daughter worked as a nanny last year and got to travel to England with her family and brought me back some real English lavender scents....dusting powder, etc. It is widely sold over there and she even got to crush some of the lavendar plants each day to release the scent, it grew very abundantly where she was.

Left a note under the patriotic decorating post, BTW!

Your topics are so fun, I look forward to them each day!

deb said...

Hi Susan, my favorite scent is Coconut Lime Verbena from B&BW. I like body lotions vs. perfumes because strong smells sometimes give me a headache. Most body lotions seem to be lighter. So they are normally what I use. 2nd to the coconut lime verbena I like Warm Vanilla Sugar. :)

Amy said...

I love anything lemon scented and I love the scent of roses. I have the most adorable collection of framed teacup prints from Crabtree and Evelyn.

My mother (www.sabinesgarden.blogspot.com) sent me a link to your blog and I'm so glad she did! I'll definitely be back :)

clarice said...

I too love Crabtree and Evelyn. Sadly there is no store near by. But when i go to visit a friend in CA i always go there. Lavender is absolutely my favorite !!! Clarice

Mississippi Girl said...

I loooove Crabtree and Evelyn, too... my favorite is "Spring Rain"
Jennifer R. in MS

Susan P. said...

Marie, I love your sense of humor! How neat that your daughter went to England last year. BTW, I remember loving Yardley as well!! Of course, I was very young then, too!!

Susan P. said...

Deb, I know what you mean about strong smells. I have to be careful what I use as well. I prefer light, delicate scents. The warm vanilla sugar sounds yummy!

Amy, I am so glad your Mom sent you over for a visit. My grammy's favorite scent was roses. Whenever I smell them it makes me happy! Your pictures from Crabtree and Evelyn sound adorable!

Clarice, gosh, it's too bad you don't have a store near you. Have you tried going to a store like Hallmark? That is where I purchase my products. Never mind, a trip to CA sounds better!LOL

Jennifer, I haven't tried the Spring rain. I will have to put it on my wish list!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

I, too, love Coconut Lime Verbena from B&BW.

Another scent I love is the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap...lol!