July 11, 2006

This is one of my favorite pictures in my house. Why? I love it's message. It says, "When I lay me down to sleep I count my blessings and not my sheep." Whenever I start counting I am always so humbled and grateful for how many I have!
How many blessings do you have to count?


Mrs. Linebarger said...

I like that saying, very wise and something I need to remember on sleepless nights. However, a wonderful blessing made its way from your home to mine and arrived yesterday! Thank you so very, very much. Everything was just so lovely. I almost hated to open the packages they were wrapped up so pretty. I took pictures and put them on my blog awhile ago.

clarice said...

I will make sure to count my blessing tonight. Thank you Clarice

Susan P. said...

Mrs. Linebarger, I am so happy you received "my favorite things." I visited your blog to see their new home! Please enjoy with my best wishes!

Clarice, you are welcome!