June 29, 2006

A Patriotic Welcome
This is the patriotic decor we have at our home this summer. I always have a patriotic theme from Memorial Day until Labor Day. In May I went to the craft store and purchased everything I needed to make my wreath (flowers, ribbon and small flag.) I like to shop at the craft store when I can "catch" their holiday/seasonal sales. I already had the grapevine wreath so that didn't cost a thing! All I had to do was make the bow and glue the flowers on and VIOLA, I have a patriotic wreath for less than four dollars! Not too bad!! It really doesn't take much money at all to create a different wreath for each season. It sure is a nice way to say "welcome" to friends and family. All you need is your "trusty" glue gun (lol) and a little bit of imagination!
What says "welcome" to guests at your house!


clarice said...

This is lovley and very patriotic!! Clarice

Marie said...

I've made a few little patriotic cross-stitched projects that I put up each year, these small framed items are changed as each season passes. I put mine up from Memorial Day until the 4th, then I go with summery things, such as sunflowers, country designs, watermelons, etc. I've also taken a fancy to making doorhangers for each season, there are endless possiblities for this because I use the cute scrapbooking supplies that are out there. It is amazing the detail those teeny, tiny items have!!

Susan P. said...

Clarice, thank you! I love our country and it is just one small way I can show my patriotism!

Marie, I was so interested to hear of your door hangers. What a clever idea! I know what you mean about the scrapbooking items, I have a hard time leaving that aisle at the store! Wish I could see a pic. of one of your doorhangers!

Mississippi Girl said...

Susan, Your front entrance looks sooo lovely and welcoming... nice job!!
Jennifer R. in MS

Susan P. said...

Jennifer, gosh, it even has so much more meaning when I realize all the personal sacrifices your family, along with countless others, is making on a daily basis for our country. God bless.