April 05, 2011

Miss Bonnie's Home Sweet Home

When Miss Bonnie and I drove up to see this house I think we both knew it was the "one." It had so much charm and character ~ just like Miss Bonnie herself;) Bonnie loves old things, not only houses, but also people, friends and books! Her house was built in 1948 and although it was somewhat of a "wreck" it had really good bones. For the past five years it had been a rental and unfortunately, wasn't very well loved, that was until Miss Bonnie came along! She could see beyond the dirt, grime and cobwebs, and was up to the challenge.

The day that she closed on the house we all went over with her as she opened up the door to her new home. I had been wanting to do something special for the occasion and after a little looking I decided on this. We did a house blessing ~ basically what we did was we each lit a candle, and starting at the front door we said a prayer ( ie may my front door always be open to others (in the form of hospitality.) May all those that enter the door be blessed, etc.. We then went around to each room saying a prayer that was specific to that room. I must say it was a very meaningful experience to us all, and I think it was the perfect way start out in Miss Bonnie's home. Here is the before pic of the kitchen. It was in pretty bad shape.





Here are the afters. Miss Bonnie is a "pink girl", as you can tell by her kitchen! We decided to take off the cabinet doors and "showcase" all of the beautiful dishes she has collected either by antiquing or from our dear Grammy. Eventually she wants to change out the counter tops (they are pretty banged up) but that will have to come later.

Do you see the scallop design above the cabinet? Before it was white, and didn't show up.

If you've been reading my blog for long you might remember the gumdrop wreath Miss Bonnie made a few years back. It has a prominent place in her kitchen now!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little "glimpse" in Miss Bonnie's home. Next up is the dining room so stay tuned:)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It's adorable! I wish I lived closer, I'd love "having tea" with you and Miss Bonnie. :)

Mrs. C said...

I am so happy for Miss Bonnie!

Taking the doors off the cabinets was a great idea. I love how the scalloped design is the same shade as the back of the cabinets.

I hope Miss Bonnie makes many happy memories in her new home. Thanks for letting us take a peek. :)

Anonymous said...

Very charming!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute kitchen. I am so glad you are blogging again. I was ready to delete and boy I am glad I didn't do that. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Just as cute on the outside! Love the arched front door!