April 08, 2011

Miss Bonnie's Bedroom
(Pink, of course;)

Handwork done by her great grandmother 

Trunk to the left was  her great -great uncle Karl's (all his earthly possessions were in this trunk )when he came over from Denmark to make a new life in America.

One of Miss Bonnie's favorite bible verses.

Bed was Grammy's.  See the elephant?  That has been her with since she was born ~ they told us in the NICU it would be good for her to have stimulation so Mr. P rushed to the gift shop and purchased "Ellie."  We played it over and over for her:)  Hopefully she will put Ellie "away," before she goes on her future honeymoon! HA:)

Close-up of bible verse.

Love the old doors in her house.  See the curtain?  One dollar on a clearance aisle!

Grammy's old dresser.  The pic to the left is of Grammy and my Mom ~ pic to the right is Grandaddy and Miss Bonnie.

Next up:  Living Room

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Teri said...

Dear Susan...such a sweet little home that Bonnie has! It is so cute! I am so happy that you are sharing your "heart and home" again! You were in my thoughts many times! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri