January 12, 2010

Winter Project

I don't know about y'all, but January seems like the s l o w e s t month of the year. It's about this time every year the "blahey, blah, blah" feeling sets in, and it leaves me yearning for Spring. With inclimate weather and cold temps we are having to spend much more time indoors. So, why not make good use of the time? In order to get rid of the "blahey,blah, blah" feeling I try and work on a winter project each year. This year Miss Bonnie and I are both learning a new skill. She checked out several quilting books from the library, and she is working on making her very first quilt! I have always wanted to do learn how to do Calligraphy, so I checked out some books on the subject, got my needed materials, and am happily working on mastering this beautiful art!

Do you have any special winter projects that you are working on?

"She seeketh wool, and flax,and worketh willingly with her hands."
-Proverbs 31:13


Mrs. U said...

FUN! Any chance you'll share your calligraphy with us?

I am supposed to be working on sewing. Sigh. For YEARS I've talked about it, but gracious, for some reason I am fearful of that sewing machine! LOL!!

Mrs. U

Deb said...

Hi Susan ~ I'm going to be participating in Randi's quilt along (I Have To Say blog) that begins Jan 25th for 6 weeks. If Miss Bonnie has only checked out books and not really started a quilt, I recommend Randi's tutorial which, from past experience when I took one of her classes a couple of years ago, is really good with instructions and pictures online. Check out her current post and she'll give you yardages, the wkly schedule, and what the pattern will look like. Hope that helps. Anyway, I wish you success with your calligraphy, too!

Jackie said...

I am trying to finish up a few unfinished projects this month. Then perhaps I can get started on some new ones.

God bless.

Mimi said...

my present project is finishing knitting a sweater that I laid aside about 6 years ago!!!