December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland & Random Ramblings
It's funny that my last post had to do with a "White Christmas," because it looks like that's exactly what we're going to have here in Virginia! I have lived here most of my life, and I can never remember having one, so this is extra-special for us! The snow is coming down fast and furiously, and the winds are blowing, but we are all snuggled up by the fire all toasty warm. Tomorrow Miss Bonnie and I will do a lot of Christmas baking, and I have a good book I want to start reading.
Since we hardly ever get snow Miss Bonnie and I don't have any snow boots so we decided to go to Payless today. I do believe that half of the city was in there! Before we left I had gone on their website to see what they had so I could get an idea of what to look for. When we got there you could hardly walk in the aisles because of so many women!!!! Our eyes were darting from box to box, and then finally Miss Bonnie spotted them, said they were in a seven, so I said "grab them!!!" They feel so soft and warm inside, and the best part was they were on sale!
I don't think I told y'all, but my camera is broken and can't be fixed. BOO HOO, SNIFF SNIFF. That's why I showed you a picture of the boots for a least a little visual interest;) I don't think Santa will be able to bring me one this Christmas so my posts won't be very interesting for awhile.
After hearing the advice of several bloggers that I really respect, I have decided to allow anonymous comments, and Ill just go ahead and start doing comment moderation. I have formed so many wonderful friendships, and I would be real sad if I couldn't keep in touch anymore.
Well, how's that for a bit of randomness? lol I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!
Much love,
Susan P.


Marie said...

Susan, we had snow most of the afternoon and now it has turned to freezing rain. Our snow is over here in NC but I believe you are to have more. Our son and his wife are coming in from CA for Christmas and she ordered her some boots to have them delivered here. I went to tracking and her boots should be here tomorrow. I guess it was a good idea not to wait until they got here to shop.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

This is some storm going through your part of the country. I know Matty (who lives in N.C.) said they could get a couple of feet but she is in a higher elevation.

My sister, Jean, lived in Fairfax County for about twenty years before they retired to Florida. They would get a little snow now and then but I don't remember her ever getting what they are predicting with this storm.

Love the boots. :)

Wendi said...

Talked to a cousin around Manassas last night. He said they are expecting 20 inches! That is a lot of snow. I am sure it will be beautiful... enjoy!

Arlene Grimm said...

One of our Church friends is stuck in a shelter up there! They were on their way to West Va for a funeral and got stuck in VA. So thankful for the Red Cross and the local high be grieving and stuck in bad weather is so sad. I am glad you and Miss Bonnie will have a Snow Day to do all that baking! Stay warm and safe!

Patty said...

It snowed in Tennessee to but not nearly as much as y'all got!!

Love the boots..I have a pair of Ugg boots that my brother got me last Christmas and I am wearing those, they keep my feet so warm.

Enjoy your white Christmas and

Merry Christmas!!

Deb said...

Hi Susan ~ At 11 a.m. on Saturday we have almost 20" of the white stuff! And it's still coming down! I have a quilt to make so I don't mind not being able to get out and finish my shopping! Hope you have fun in the snow!