October 01, 2009

How To Turn A Cloudy Day Into A "Partly" Sunny One!

Uh, oh.................I knew as soon as I woke up it was going to be "one of those" days. Fortunately, these days don't happen too often, but when they do everything looks gloomy, doomy, and I feel downright "puny." BTW, I looked puny up in the dictionary and it said, "not feeling up to regular strength, weak." Yep, that's how I feel. And I'm not just talking physically, but emotionally as well. Kind of weak in spirit, I guess you could say. Can any of y'all relate?

It's exactly on days like these that I am so grateful that I have a household plan in place. A plan that I follow daily, so if I am having a "bad" day, the whole household doesn't have to suffer. It's days like these I'm so glad I have thought ahead and have something nourishing in the freezer that I can just pop in the oven and still have a nice hot meal on the table for my family. It's days like these that I'm also so glad I have kept up with the laundry. Believe me, before I had my plan in place there were many a time I had to do a quick wash just so there would be clean clothing for everybody to wear that day. Oh, so not fun....... And finally, it's day's like these that I'm so glad I keep up with my household chores on a daily basis, because this allows my home to look presentable even if I don't either feel like, or have a chance to clean that day. Bottom line, I don't want my family to suffer just because I am not feeling "up to par."

Whenever I do have one of these days I know what I should and shouldn't do. I know that these kinds of days are NOT conducive for taking on big projects, trying out new recipes, trying to resolve conflicts, etc.... I allow myself some "slack" without feeling too guilty. I keep telling myself, "this too shall pass," and praise God, it always does! In case you are ever having one of "these" days too, I wanted to share with you a few things I try to do to make my day go a little smoother.

First of all, when I'm feeling "puny," it's usually because it's that "time of the month," or I have just totally overdone things the day before. I have learned that I need to listen to my body, and if I'm feeling tired I will actually take a (GASP) nap! Yes, we are allowed to do that, ladies! I also make sure that I go to bed early so I can catch up on the rest my body is needing.

Another thing I do is I try to avoid sugar and caffeine. They will both make my body feel sluggish, as well as sometimes make me feel a little anxious. Goodness, who needs that? I really try to increase my water intake, too. I have a large plastic glass with a lid and straw that I fill with ice water. I leave it on my kitchen counter and make sure to take a few sips every time I walk by. I fill this glass numerous times during the day. Our bodies need that hydration to keep them working properly.

Here's another big thing ~ I turn off the T.V. Listening to the news anchors describe in vivid detail all about the bad economy, rising crime rates, and swine flu is a sure fire way to make me feel much worse. I have found that sometimes "quiet" is the most "pleasant noise" of all.

I also try, try, try to list in my head all the many blessings that Lord has bestowed upon me. Sometimes I will even write them down, because there is something about seeing it on paper that makes an even bigger impression. Shamefully, it is days like these that I sometimes forget how truly blessed I am. I am also a big believer in bible memorization. We all have those special bible verses that we love, the ones that talk about strength, endurance, and God's unfailing love. Memorize those verses so you can always have them on the "tip of your tongue" and "at the ready" when most needed. What a blessing it is to be reminded of God's wonderful promises and his unfailing love for us!

Finally, I can't say this loud enough, "get out of the house and into the sunshine." You will be amazed at how much it can lift your spirits. I really, really didn't feel like it today, but I made myself get in the car and drive to Home Depot. Just the feeling of the bright sunshine in my face made me feel better. I also enjoyed looking at all the pretty plants adorned in the russet colors of the Fall season. I came across these pretty little pansies with their smiling faces, and I couldn't help but smile myself! I bought them, and plan to plant them today. A little digging in the dirt, and the pulling of some weeds is also good for the soul, don't you think?

I guess the reason I wrote this post is I hope if can be a source of encouragement for you. We are all going to feel "down" sometimes simply because we are human. I don't want you to beat yourself up for feeling bad, instead I want to encourage you to seek ways that will aid you in feeling better. So, when you are feeling doomy, gloomy, and downright puny, please remember to pray, pray, pray, turn off that t.v., get some much needed rest, drink lots of water, watch what you eat, and maybe even plant some flowers;)


Anonymous said...

Susan, Thanks for the wonderful advice. I think I will jot down your ideas because here in the Great NW we have a lot of cloudy days that make me feel "puny". You did encourage me! :-)

Love, Debbi

Anonymous said...

Blessings Susan ~

Thank you for sharing such inspirational ideas! We all have those days and I think that God is asking us to slow down and to enjoy all of His sweet blessings! He wants us to be kind to ourselves and find happiness in the smallest ways.

I am sure by all that you have shared...as your day goes on you will find sweet pleasures and simple blessings!

You are in my thoughts and prayers today. You are such a blessing to me!

Hugs to you!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for sharing...I think we can all relate. I am going shopping for some pretty purple pansies this weekend!! Along with pumpkins for my front step...something to look forward too!

Mrs. Michele B said...

Excellent advice! Thank you. (o:

Oh and I'd love to hear more about your homemaking routines, it's always inspiring to read what other ladies are doing and how they run their homes.--I always get the best ideas that way!