September 11, 2009

And The Answer Is.................


Yep, Mr. P and I headed off last Friday to Baltimore, Maryland to catch a cruise to Bermuda! We have never been on a cruise, never even been out of the country before, so we were really, really excited for this adventure. Unfortunately, if you think you are going to be reading about romance in a tropical paradise, you won't be finding it here.

Day one: When you are ready to board a cruise, you just don't give them your luggage and hop on ~ there are a million and one things you have to go through in order to board. The lines somewhat resemble getting on a popular ride at Disney. Well, we finally make it to the last station, and it's time to get our documentation out. I show them my identification and also my birth certificate and they give me my cruise card and say "happy sailing!" But, when Mr. P gets his out the woman takes one look at it and says it's not acceptable. What????????? Well, can you imagine ~ I thought I was going to hit the floor! With a frown on her face she says this birth certificate just won't do. Oh, no!!!!!!!!! She says she needs to go talk to the purser. After five agonizing minutes she comes back and says the purser is not there, so out of the goodness of her heart she's going to let him board! Thank you Lord that people have goodness in their hearts:)

Day two: I awake the next morning to poor Mr. P moaning and groaning. Uh, oh, this is not good. The poor man was deathly seasick, I'm talking looking "green in the gills" kind of sea sick. In the 27 years of our marriage, he has only vomited once ~ can I tell you he made up for it that day! So, this is where we spent the day.

Day three: We reach Bermuda. Mr. P was feeling better and was finally getting his "sea" legs. Here's an interesting fact, though. Did y'all know that Bermuda celebrates Labor Day, too? Well, we sure didn't. Unlike the States where people are encouraged to shop and save money at the Labor Day sales, Bermuda basically shuts down so everybody can enjoy time with their families. Now, normally I would say that was a really good thing, but not on the one day we pick to visit! The view from the ship was beautiful, though:)

Day four: We leave Bermuda and are sailing home. The captain comes on over the intercom and says jokingly, "I'm afraid Mother Nature is not going to be very nice to us on the voyage." Again, I say, "uh, oh." This time, not only was Mr. P sick, but every passenger on the ship was, as well (including me;) We had gale force winds and 12 foot seas for the over 24 hours. You couldn't even stand up for fear of falling. So, there was Mr. P on one side of the bed moaning, and I was on the other side, groaning. To put it in perspective, I don't think Disney even has a wild a ride as we had, and morning sickness was a piece of cake compared to this! We didn't get to eat at the fancy dining room, we had yummy meals of saltine crackers!!!
Day five: We arrive back home. I never understood why people say they felt like kissing the ground, now I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lessons learned:
1.What does true love really mean? Yes, candy and flowers are nice, but having somebody hold a "throw-up" bucket for you, and put a cold cloth to your face really spells love to me.
2.If we could make it through this, we can make it through anything!
3.We both said that if we had to be miserable, we would rather be miserable with each other than anybody else!
4.We will never, ever, never, ever, go on a cruise again:)


Arlene Grimm said...

I have always wanted to go to Bermuda but I think I might rethink that and settle for Vidalia!!lol!! Glad you made it home safely. BTW, you might be the only people who lost wt on a cruise!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan ~

So happy to know that you are home!



Sweet pleasures and Simple blessings for your weekend!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I got that way, not quite as bad,
on a 1 hour boat ride on a vacation
in the states. I said never again!

Deb said...

Oh, Susan! What a terrible time you had! I've never been on a cruise and truthfully never really had a desire to. Unless, of course, I happened to WIN a cruise, and I could probably be talked into going! Glad you're back safe and sound.

Amy said...

Oh no! I have always been afraid to go on a cruise due to fear of seasickness (I didnt do too well on a 3 hour tour of the Napali Coast). My friends all love cruises and swear the boat is too big for you to get seasick, but your story proves otherwise. I think I will stay put on dry land.

Hope your next vacation goes much better!

Mrs. U said...

"1.What does true love really mean? Yes, candy and flowers are nice, but having somebody hold a "throw-up" bucket for you, and put a cold cloth to your face really spells love to me."

AMEN to this, Susan!!!! That is CERTAINLY true love!!!!

I am sad to hear that y'all didn't have the best time!!! Glad y'all are home now!

Mrs. U