August 19, 2009

Just Curious

I know I've been away from blogging for awhile, but since my return it seems like it's really changed a lot. A lot of the people I would read regularly still have their blogs up, but they just aren't posting anymore, and some have left the blog world all together. My question is: have most people joined Facebook and Twitter now? Is that their communication of choice?

I don't "tweet" or "twit," or whatever you call it ~ and frankly my life is not that interesting to be giving hourly updates on what I'm doing;) Do people really care when I'm cooking dinner and doing laundry? Facefook has never appealed to me, either. I think the reason I have always loved blogging is that it really gives me a chance to know people on a very personal level and allows me to connect with people that have the same interests, values, etc.

So, have you noticed the same thing or is it just me?


Wendi said...

I have noticed the same thing. I am hoping that once the business of summer is past that some will get back to blogging. I have heard some people say that it is because of facebook, but I don't know if that is so or not. I to like blogging because it connects me with like minded people. Many people that I am friends with on facebook are people I know, but don't neccessarily share my passion for home and family.

Have a great day!

Abounding Treasures said...

I have noticed the same thing!

I only recently began using Facebook to keep in touch with people I know but who live *away* and it's OK for that.

Blogging is my choice though because I can get to know people who share my passion for home and family and who share their hearts with me regularly ~ I love it!!

Have a wonderful day and I'm glad you returned to blogging :o)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I think it is just a summer slowdown. A lot of people put gardens in this summer.

I have a Facebook account that I use to communicate with my daughter and view grandchildren pictures.

She uses it to communicate with college friends all around the country.

There is no way I plan to Tweet! :)

Mrs. C said...

Hi, Susan! I have joined the group of bloggers not posting quite as much. I'm not tired of blogging, just too busy!

I've also noticed that a few of my favorite bloggers who have been around a few years don't seem to be posting as much lately. We all go through the peaks and valleys when it comes to writing, I think. I still enjoy reading blogs and connecting with my "friends", but I'm not commenting as much anymore, either. :)

Michele said...

Sadly I have noticed the same thing and I think Facebook and Twitter are causing some of it.

Mrs.S said...

I am a new blogger. I love it! It's great to have a place to come and read about things that are very important to you; and of course, to write about them. However, most people in the blog world, as opposed to Facebook, seem older. I supposed I am part of a generation that does not blog as much.
I like Facebook and use it frequently, but for very different reasons. In my opinion it's much more user friendly for tasks such as sharing pictures and general keeping in touch with friends and family far away.
Blogging is entirely different. I think of it like this: Facebook is the main section of the newspaper: headlines and current events. Blogging is under the special interests section.

Mrs. U said...
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Mrs. U said...

Hi Susan!!
I LOVE what Mrs. S shared....

"I think of it like this: Facebook is the main section of the newspaper: headlines and current events. Blogging is under the special interests section."


I haven't been blogging as much lately because I am so busy and, well, I usually end up in a summer slump each year. I guess I just can't wait until FALL!!!!

Facebook and Twitter do take up a lot of time for people that use them. I have friends that are on Facebook for hours each day. HOURS!!! I'd much rather spend time learning from Titus 2 women like yourself!! I just prefer blogging. :)

Another thing about blogging is that there seem to be some "super blogs" out there. You know, the kind that looks beautiful, has giveaways, has hundreds of comments each day. It's hard to compete against those. Not that we should be competing, but it's easy to think "Wow, The Nester has GREAT things on her blog and it's so beautiful. I have nothing special to share compared to her blog!!!"

Mrs. U (who is still SOOOOO happy you are back!!!!)

PS- Sorry about the deleted comment by me! I had a MAJOR TYPO!! LOL!!!

Erin said...

I don't have a blog but yes I have noticed that many bloggers are twittering, that kind of thing does not appeal to me as like you I really don't want to give details about what I am doing from hour to hour. Some people twitter more than that! Facebook seems to be really big as well, it just never appealed to me. But I do think that the low in blogging posts may be because of the summer and also school starting again.

Susan P. said...

Thanks so much to everybody who shared their thoughts on the blogging issue ~ I really appreciated it!

Candy-Faith said...

Hi Mama Susan! :):)
Im glad your back. I was at a blog and seen a recent comment of yours and came to see if you are back to blogging. Low and behold you were LOL I am glad :)
I tried Twitter but I think its a huge waste of time. And I have major issues with Facebook...I had an account but closed it because it didnt seem like a place for a Christian because of the addictiveness to it, the compeition and how people are always showing off. Plus I was shocked how many people who claim to be Christians on there express on their facebook account what books and tv shows and celebrities they follow. It was sickening and I felt like it was a hang out place for the worldly and felt God wanted me off of it so I closed it and have had peace ever since. Then I had some unsaved friends from there email me and tell me they respected that I got off of Facebook because they seen I didnt fit in there because it was such a sinful place. Now thats some UNSAVED people telling me that. And I figured WOW, if they could see that while they arent even saved, well I know without a shadow of a doubt that I did the right thing by closing it. I noticed many of my Titus 2 blog friends either dont have facebook or closed it. Its interesting to see what true Christian ladies spend their time doing.
Blogging can be the same way if one is on it all the time but I dont find personally that blogging has the same addictiveness to it, at least not for me. If it did, Im sure my heart would tell me to stay off it.
I suppose anything we do can be a waste of time if we let it but I personally found twitter and facebook to be complete waste of time for me.
There, thats my few cents on this topic LOL LOL

I hope all is well with you.
I have thought of you often and imagined you must be happy to be a grandmama :)