February 07, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Hallmark!!

I'm sure most of y'all remember the post I did a few days ago about the Valentine commercial that Hallmark did. Well, much to my surprise when I checked my email last night I received this letter:

Dear Susan,

My name is Deidre Mize, I work at Hallmark in Public Affairs and Communications.

I noticed your recent blog posting about one of Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day commercials and wanted to respond.

When creating this commercial we wanted to show that love can be expressed in a number of creative, economical and heartfelt ways, including Mom’s voice in a valentine.

As is our normal practice, our marketing team tested this commercial before it aired among consumers, including mothers. These consumers responded favorably, so we appreciate receiving different points of view like the one you shared on your blog.

With this new perspective from you and others we have decided to stop airing the advertisement. Please understand that it will take time to fully remove the commercial from the air. But know that we have begun contacting the multiple media outlets that are scheduled to broadcast this advertisement and are working as expeditiously as possible.

Hallmark is about helping people connect. We are continually learning about the intricacies of these connections, and your perspective will help us to look at this differently in the future.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. As I mentioned, perspectives like yours are important to us.

Deidre Mize
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

I never sent Hallmark my post so I guess they were googling feedback. At first I thought about contacting them, but I decided there would be no point because my opinion wouldn't matter. Much to my surprise, it does!! I am so happy to know that they decided to look at this commercial through a Mom's eyes.
Thank you for listening, Hallmark! Oh, and one more thing Hallmark, keep on making those "sappy" commercials that make us Mom's cry ~ we love those:)


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Wow, that is wonderful, Susan!

Arlene Grimm said...

You made a difference Susan....thanks for taking the time to blog!!

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, look at what a differnce you made. Clarice

Pam said...

I agree, I love the sappy Hallmark commercials. I hadn't seen the one you mentioned and was surprised because they're usually so sweet. I'm glad they listened and took note! Way to go!

Kether said...

Long time lurker here...

YAY! I'm so glad to see this. You were ABSOLUTELY right. And I'm thankful, too, that Hallmark had the sense to look at it from your viewpoint. A year or two ago, I sent an email to Carl's Jr. restaurants to say that their advertising was offensive, and their response was basically, "Sorry, but you're not our demographic (males 18-25)"
Well, I guess they don't need my money, then.. and I haven't shopped their since.

I'm so happy to see that your input (indirect as it was) made a difference!

and for what its worth... I usually love Hallmark commercials!

Kether said...

eek. I'm sorry, but my typo was driving me nuts. I meant there...not their.

Mrs. C said...

Wow, that's so neat, Susan! It's a good reminder that what we type on our blogs has a way of getting seen by those we least expect. (Last week I was shocked to receive a comment from the author of a book I mentioned.) So, feel free to hop up on your soapbox anytime. You never know when it's going to make a difference. ;)

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Well Susan, I'll be. . . the big companies really do care what we moms think. Who would have though????



picketfencemom said...

Yay! We all have one voice, and collectively that can make a big difference! This is encouraging!
Have a great week, Susan!

Christy said...

Cool, who knew just writing about something on your blog could make such a difference.
Keep up the great work!

Firefly Nights said...

What a wonderful and unexpected response to your blog post. Just think, one blog post from someone making a good point was able to bring about a big change for the better. That's awesome. Congratulations.

NHizName said...

wellll...there you go! Just goes to show that some companies do listen to what we have to say....just wish there were more that responded positively like Hallmark! Yay! Thanks you Hallmark...and Susan for making a difference!

Anonymous said...

I guess I have a different view. Hallmark is in the business to make money and some moms don't make homemade items. If we all made all our cards (Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, birthday) we wouldn't need Hallmark and more people would be out of work. Just a different idea. Cheryl

Lori said...

That is incredible. It shows the power of one person speaking up!

Last year for my hubby's birthday, our two boys picked him out a music card from Hallmark that they all loved. The music cards are neat, but you are right, we don't want to be told a gift is only good when it is bought from a store.

Creations from my heart said...

How cool is that. They responded to your blog post. I totally agree with you on the home made things. I tell my boys and husband DO NOT buy me a card put some thought inot it. I don't need a gift....just some words that come right from their hearts! I entered you in my contest! Blessings...Sherry
How's that cute baby boy doing????

Lallee said...

Three cheers for you,Susan. I think you've encouraged all of us to speak up more often.