February 02, 2009

Hi Y'all, I'm Back!

It's so nice to be back after my blogging break! I have a lot of catching up to do and will be by to visit y'all soon. My parent's just left yesterday due to to the ice storm that hit Kentucky last week. I really do treasure the time that I get to spend with them. It was a little harder this time because Mama would wander around at night and I was terrified she was going to get out of the house or turn the stove on. I had the baby monitor on in our bedroom so I could hear when she would get up and didn't sleep well because I was listening for every little sound. Although it hurts real bad to see her this way I am just so thankful that I still have her to hug, kiss, and love on. We made some good memories, and even though she won't remember them, I sure will!

Right now I have some banana bread baking in the oven and "my, oh my," does it ever smell good! The washer and dryer are humming along and I just finished decorating a Valentine tree, which I will show you tomorrow. I wanted to share with you something I recently got in the mail that I absolutely treasure. Sherry, from the blog, Creations From My Heart, has an Etsy store and has some really beautiful things for sale. One of the things she makes are special made- to- order Memory Boxes. I asked her to make one of our little sweetie, Benjamin, and I'm tickled with how it turned out! Here it is:

(click to enlarge)

Don't y'all just love it? She is such a talented lady ~ she is a great decorator and seamstress ~ check out the pretty aprons she makes, too! You can find her blog here and the post about the memory box here. BTW, I'm loving the pin cushions she has for sale right now!! If you visit please make sure and tell her I said hi!

Well, the dryer just buzzed and the timer for the banana bread is ready to beep so I need to jump off of here. I'll be back tomorrow to show my Valentine tree!
Much love,
Susan P.


Firefly Nights said...

I feel so bad for folks like you who have parents who are slipping away while still being here. I was fortunate that even during the five years when my mother was ill from age 89-94 she almost always was in her right mind. The only times we had problems was when some drugs interacted poorly and those issues were always fixed.

If I'd spent five years with someone who didn't know me or only knew me part of the time it would have been SO much harder than it already was.

I hope you continue to have good visits with your parents and that your mother's decline is very slow. She is fortunate to have a loving daughter like you.

Viv (VivLyn) said...

Your story was sad but also uplifting if you know what I mean. I am sorry for people that have family members who suffer with this. The memory box that Sherry made is beautiful! I just ordered one of her pin cushions and it should be here this week and can't wait to see it. She does do beautiful work. Banana bread sounds really good right now. It was fun visiting your blog.

Mrs. C said...

Banana bread sounds great to me right now! Wish I could just run over for a piece.;)

I'm glad you got to spend some precious days with your momma. In her heart of hearts she enjoyed it, too. :)

Creations from my heart said...

Thank you for such kind words about my blog and my work. I really enjoyed doing the memory box. I am going to submit one to Somerset Magizine for their Sisters issue. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky again and they will like my work. You are a blessing to your mother. Isn'' funny, I wrote in my blog with when I posted your memory box about one chapter in our life closing and another one opening. That is why God has given you your dear grandbaby. Blessing...Sherry

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you are back Susan...missed visiting with you but I am glad that you had that time with your parents. Love the frame..so sweet.

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Glad you're back, Susan.

The memory box is beautiful. I'm going to go check out Sherry's blog.