September 09, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

For several weeks now I have hunting the stores for candy corn. To me, it isn't Fall yet until this yummy, sugary, calorie-laden candy makes it's appearance. Notice I wasn't shy.......I got the BIG BAG! On most items I purchase I buy generic, but in a few cases I am a brand snob, I'm ashamed to admit. I have to have Hellman's mayo. , Bounty paper towels, and Charmin toilet paper. When it comes to candy corn it HAS to be Brach's, no other will do!

I had thought about making the darling candy corn garland to hang on my chandelier, but I have decided I'd much rather eat it, instead!

While searching for a dish to put it in I came across this one that my Mom got me years ago from an antique store. It's funny how sometimes things can escape our notice ~ after all these years of using it I just now noticed that their are maple leaves on each side of the dish. Perfect for candy corn!! Thank You, sweet Mama:o)
BTW, Is there any brand that you JUST HAVE TO HAVE, or am I the only one?


Michelle said...

What a pretty candy dish! I guess I'd have to say I'm like that about laundry soap & Shout stain remover...don't mind 'store brand' for other things but I like 'name brand' laundry products!

Happy Tuesday, Susan!

Storybook Woods said...

What a pretty dish, very fall !!! Clarice

Arlene Grimm said...

Try eating candy corn with those mini Nilla wafers(only Nabisco Nilla wafers please!lol!!)...delicious. Another good treat is mix candy corn, peanuts and the fall M&Ms. So cute to put in little bags and give as little Happies to your friends.

Happy @ Home said...

That is a beautiful candy dish and perfect for your candy corn.


Mrs. C said...

I'm with you; Brach's is the best for candy corn. :)

Patty said...

I get excited when I see all the fall merchandise. :)
I love your candy dish. I have my home decorated for fall but it feels like 100 today in Nashville.
BTW..I am the same Patty who emailed you and my newest blog you commented on is Adventures with Jesus. Thank you for stopping by!


LBP said...

Oh Yea! I bought two bags of the autumn mix (the kind with the candy corn, chocolate candy corn and pumpkins) last week and they are history! Mix some of them with some peanuts and it tastes like a Payday candy bar! YUM!



Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yum, yum, I'm going to get some of that candy corn soon!!



Lallee said...

I meant to look for candy corn when I was in Wal-Mart yesterday!

That was a nice post about setting the table for family. And I love your new window treatment.


Mrs. U said...

I absolutely adore candy corn! And yes, I have to eat a bag... I mean... um.... some... I have to eat SOME every fall. Yes, that's right. Some. :)

Mrs. U

Elizabeth G. said...

Yum, you just made hungry. I forgot how much I love candy corn.

Have a great day!

Ruthann said...

Hi Susan, thank you for stopping by for pie....I am soooooooo glad you found the Happy Family book!!!I know how that feels when you find something so beloved from your's like a happy part of you was found again. I found a text book- a reader from
1st grade and my favorite story was about a mouse with a messy house...everyday she would go shopping instead of cleaning it... she bought a beautiful red dress and shoes to match and brought them home, the next morning, to her dismay, they had dust all over she decided to clean her cottage spic and span..everything sparkled including her new outfit once again. I love that I have that story to read to my daughter. Anyhoo....I am so happy for you! blessings! Ruthann

Hattie said...

Hi! From TN
I'm new to your blog. Love it! And now gotta run right out and buy some Brachs Candy Corn!

Firefly Nights said...

Candy corn always looks so festive and it really tasted good before sugar became a concern. I always think the little orange candy pumpkins go along with the corn, too.