September 02, 2008

Celebrate The Seasons By Strolling Down Memory Lane!
With each new season/holiday that comes along I love to look through my picture albums and take a sentimental journey down memory lane. It always puts a smile on my face and reminds me of what a blessed Mama I am. Although I don't have "littles" anymore, that doesn't mean I still can't have their pictures displayed proudly:) I take a few favorites from each season/holiday and display them front and center where I can reminisce about all the wonderful memories we have shared throughout the years.
On a side note, notice Miss Bonnie. She would be the one with the angel costume on!! The sweet little angel didn't get hair until she was almost two years old. I would cover her in pink from head to tow, put pink Velcro ribbons on the one hair she had and people would STILL say what a cute little boy she was:) Miss Bonnie would have you know that she has been blessed with a full head of beautiful hair now (that she LOVES to wash quite often, I might add;o)
To all you Mama's with grown children, start looking through those albums now and you can take a sweet sentimental journey down memory lane, too!


Elizabeth G. said...

Oh, that's very sweet. I grow sort of melancholy when I think about how quickly time has flown. But I keep momentoes (sp?) of my children's young years nearby me, anyway, to remind me how blessed I am.

Stop by my site and click on the link for The Inspired Room. "Fall Nesting Week" is this week and they have some great decorating ideas, as well as an upcoming Give-Away! Fun.

I love Fall!

Michelle said...

It really does seem hard to believe how quickly our children grow up, doesn't it?! I do the same thing with pictures of my kids - many of the framed photos were taken at different stages of their childhood :)

Aww, what a cute little story about Miss Bonnie!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

What a cute idea to display pictures of the past of our children. I may have to do some photo digging :)



LBP said...

My son is already 16, and DRIVING! It seems he was just born yesterday! I love your fall decorations, they are very homey.



Patty said...

What a fun idea!

I also loved your Yankee candle. My friend and I were on the phone yesterday and she was talking about wanting to get a Yankee candle and I need to go get me the pumpkin spice candle. It makes your home smell so good. :)

Have a blessed day!