June 30, 2008

A Few Of The Many Reasons . . . . .
I Love Mr. P!

I guess y'all have noticed that my posts lately have been few and far between. The reason? I haven't had a clue what to post about! I guess you could say, "the well has been dry!" Well, I never know when an idea for a post will come about, and this one is a perfect example. I got the idea for this post while I was taking a shower this morning! After the shampoo bottle fell on my foot (owie) the idea hit me like a thunderbolt~ I will post about some of the things that poor Mr. P has to put up with by being married to me!!

Okay, first thing. If y'all are anything like me you have to have your "products" in the shower. I'm talking about body scrub, shampoo, bubble bath, moisturizers, shaving cream . . . . . . .

Not to mention the cute little scrubby thing a back scrubber and a razor . . .
Guess what Mr. P has? One bar of Dial soap:) That's it!! Have you ever? lol

The bed is another example. You see the mountain of pillows on top of our bed? Guess what? None of them are actually used to sleep with!! Every night they are taken off and replaced with our "sleeping" pillows. Mr. P doesn't complain, he just scratches his head. I know y'all understand completely;o)

When you go to wash your hands at a sink in our house you might have lavender soap, cucumber soap, or even geranium;o)

After washing his hands one too many times with lavender soap he finally asked if we could get some soap that doesn't "smell." Well, over the weekend we went to Sam's Club and he bought this GALLON size bottle of fragrance free soap. Of course y'all know I have to find a "cutesy" little bottle to put it in!!
And what about the monogrammed towel and soap? "Oh, we can't use these honey?" "No, we're just supposed to look at them." Poor, poor Mr. P. I guess he really DOES LOVE ME!


thehomespunheart said...

Yes, we love our girly things don't we! My hubby is very generous in putting up with this as well and it is a blessing!

Anonymous said...

You sound like my house. My husband wants to know why the towels and all the pillows because he is not allowed to touch any of them. I think these items make a house look like a home and some items just aren't meant to mess up. Cheryl

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh, that is too funny!

Although I do notice a generation difference. My son LOVES the lavender soap his sister buys him as a gift. He never has to worry about his dad using it. :)

Storybook Woods said...

Gosh I am not sure I understand your post Susan., you seem like a perfectly normal woman to me ;-) Love Clarice

Kelli said...

Too funny, Susan! I totally understand about our girl pretties. Phillip has a plain old bar of soap too! LOL

arlene said...

How true Susan....it is the same at our house also! In our little powder room that all the sons and son in laws use, I try to have at least a unisex soap available.lol

Karen said...

Hi Susan! Welcome back. I would never show my shower junk! LOL! My sweetie is the same, he just shakes his head. I guess he's lived with me long enough to know when to keep quiet. ;o)
Oh, and the "tool belt" post below....excellent and quite witty! I'd love to see pictures when he actually gets to use it!

Mrs. U said...

Yes m'am, I had to LOL at this post!!! All females can perfectly understand this!! HAHA!

Mrs. U

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