May 08, 2008

Patriotic Decorating On The Cheap

Every year at this time I love to bring out all of my patriotic decorations. I keep them up from the beginning of May until July 4th. If y'all are like me, you bring out the same things year after year and you might be ready for a little change, but you don't have money in the bank to purchase new things. With a little bit of ingenuity and some ribbon you can "perk" things up and proudly show your colors! As y'all know, I am a BIG FAN OF RIBBON! Below are just a few ways that I used it around our home.

I have always loved this little Valentine basket, but Valentine's Day comes but one month out of the year. With a little ribbon and a cloth napkin I now have a cute little patriotic basket!

Ribbon tied around some old cloth napkins gives the kitchen table some patriotic charm.

Adding ribbon to the candlestick holders adds a sweet little touch, I think.

I really love how this little blue pillow looks with a little big of red, white & blue tied around it!

Those are just same ways in which I have used ribbon to jazz things up a little around our Home Place.

I think I have already shared with y'all how wonderful large vases are to decorate with. They can be purchased at garage sales for next to nothing, and you can really come up with so many different looks just by using this one vase. Mine held gourds in the Fall, Christmas it had red and green Christmas balls and Easter it was filled with colored eggs and grass. Now that we are in the season of Memorial Day & July 4th I decided to give it a little "sparkle" by adding some star garland that I had from a few years back. After the July 4th holiday I will take the garland out and add sand, shells, and a pretty candle!
Finally, here's a picture of our patriotic mantle. I didn't spend any money, but I got a new look that I love!
Decorating frugally CAN BE DONE!! Why don't you see what you can come up with!


Storybook Woods said...

I love how you use something as simple as ribbon. Love Clarice

Susan said...

I bought some patriotic red star petunias at Walmart garden center
for my front porch today!

arlene said...

Love all your decorating tips Susan! I love the big vases..I have some of those so I will be getting them out today!

Maggie Ann said...

Patriotic decorating is special, thats for sure. Just over visiting you from Mindys' blog.

Donna Kay said...

Love your red, white & blue - and I REALLY loved that salad!!!