May 01, 2008

Happy May Day

Miss Bonnie and I had fun making these May Day baskets last night. Of course, we didn't forget you:o) Happy May Day to all my blogging friends!

This little May Day basket
Was made especially for you
Because you're my friend
From Guess Who?


thehomespunheart said...

So cute - Happy May Day!

Kelli said...

Thank you so much, Susan! What a lovely May day basket!

Michelle said...

How adorable, Susan :) Happy May Day to you, as well!

Karen said...

Happy May Day to you, as well! I love your new blog look, too.
Have a wonderful week-end!

Julieann said...

Hi Susan:::waiving::: Your May Day baskets are so petty:)


Storybook Woods said...

Oh I am sooo late (I will be glad when I get my lap-top back) Happy May day Love Clarice